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If one more freaking person makes the following statements, I think I'm going to lose my mind!!!!!

-He'll come when he wants to...

-If you think your hormones are bad now wait till after the baby is born...

-Are you still pregnant...?

-Any progress..?

-Did you have that kid yet..?

-Get your sleep now....

I've not even hit my damn due date and I wake up every morning to at least 4 text messages asking me if I've had the kid.  Forget throughout the day!  And as for the hormones getting worse comment,  like I really need you to remind me that I'm going to continue to be a hormonal mess who feels like she is going crazy?!?!  Who the hell do you think you are and and on what freaking planet do you think that's helping me?!?!?!  AND the SLEEP one!!!!  No *ss hole- I thought when the baby came out he would magically sleep for 12 hours a night and I would go back to my pre pregnancy routine of going out with friends and cuddling with DH all the time.  No spit up or burp clothes or midnight feedings for me!!  Thanks so much for clarifying that for me.  I had NO idea my life was about to change!!!!!  I'm going to inflict some serious pain on the next person who says something stupid!!!!!!   

Sorry for the vent.  I do feel better though  :) 


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