Postpartum Depression

How long did it last?

How long did you PPD last.  I haven't been officially diagnosed with it yet but I know I have it.  I go to see the psychiatrist in two weeks.  In the mean time I have been taking Zoloft and I have been dealing with this for 4  months now.  I am so detached from my DD and DH and it is ruining everything.   On top of it, my DD is starting to dislike being with me as well.  She never smiles at me, or looks at me, wiggles non stop when I hold her and is just cranky when she is with me.  Of course this makes me upset because she is not like this with daycare or DH and then I start to cry. The other day I raised my voice at her to stop being so fidgetty while eating a bottle.  The worse part is, I will say her name or make a loud noise and she doesn't turn her head towards.  The more she ignores me the less I want to be at home with her.  I also have this proccupation with thinking that she has something wrong with her medically, when I fully know there is nothing wrong.  

 PPD is exactly the reason I didn't want to have children to begin with.  I suffer from a terrible history of depression and anorexia/bulima.  I knew when I got pregnant that I would have this and I have been working with my counselor.  But it seems the older DD is getting the worse it is getting.  I would have thought that by now thing would be different.  I am hoping I get my meds changed.

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Re: How long did it last?

  • I'm so very sorry you are feeling this way. I was "diagnosed" with PPD at about 4 months post-partum, (I knew before then that I had it also) and felt well enough to wean off of Celexa when my son was about 14 months old. There is absolutely no shame in n
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  • I reached out for help at 2 months PP and actually got help and "diagnosed" at 3 months PP.  The things you are talking about sound so very familiar.  The crankiness is not b/c DD doesn't like you I believe it is probably b/c of your illness

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  • The worst was over after 2 months for me, and I really don't think it would have improved that soon without the inpatient care I received at a mental hospital.

    Just keep working with your therapist/psychiatrist and try to avoid counting the days

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  • It will get better but it does take time.

    I have been in recovery for a year now. My depresion started when DD was 6 weeks old. the first 3 months were terrible, but after 6 months of meds & therapy everything started to get back on trac

  • I had terrible ppd from the time I left the hospital, but I was too scared to admit it until 6 mo pp. It was a very dark time in my life and in my families. I was in constant turmoil and my heart was breaking for not being everything for my DS, but I d



  • I have bipolar so I was more prone to it to begin with.  However not only do I have PPD, I have PPA and PP OCD.  It is not a joy ride, so I understand how you feel.  My son is 3.5 months old and I plummeted only 2 days after having him.<

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