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~*~POTW Entry Thread~*~

This is a day late again.  Sorry!  M had a tough time with those 4-month vaccinations. :(  We will bump this up a day.  The entry thread will be open today and Wednesday.  Voting will be Thursday and Friday :)

Welcome to the November 2012 BMB Photo of the Week!

This Week's Theme: St. Patrick's Day - Post a pic of your LO celebrating St. Patrick's Day

Entry Rules: Any November 2012 Momma can play! Take a picture that goes with our theme of the week. Try to submit a photo that has been taken within the past month unless otherwise stated in the entry thread. Pictures should be a snapshot and not something done in a professional studio. It is okay if you did not personally take the photo, it could be taken by a family member, friend, etc. Then, PIP a picture that goes with the theme of the week into the entry thread. Feel free to add a caption/quote if you'd like. If you have multiples, you may do one entry per child or just one picture of all children.

Here is a tutorial for those of you who are still unsure how to PIP. Scroll down to the section on PIP:

An entry thread will be posted on Mondays and will be open until Tuesday. You may enter on either day. You may not post after Tuesday.

Voting: Any November 2012 Momma can vote whether you submitted a photo or not. A voting thread will be posted on Wednesday. I will repost on Thursday with a link to the voting thread. Please vote only once and do not vote for your own photo. You might think your baby is the cutest, but try to pick one that is not your own! The top three Winners will be announced on Friday. A code will be provided to them for a badge they may keep in their siggy for the week.

Get those cameras out and have fun! Also, feel free to suggest other ideas for POTW.

Upcoming Themes:

March 25th: Tummy Time: Post a picture of your LO playing on his/her tummy.

April 1st: Happy Easter:  Post a picture of your LO celebrating Easter. 

April 8th:  Story Time:  Post a picture of your LO enjoying a story. 

April 15th: Four Months Old:  Post a picture of your LO at four months old.

April 22nd: Most 'Gangsta' Face:  Post a picture of your LO showing off their 'Gangsta' faces.

April 29th: Outdoors:  Post a picture of your LO enjoying the outdoors

May 6th: Favorite Toy:  Post a picture of your LO with their favorite toy.

May 13th: Five Months Old:  Post a picture of your LO at five months old.

Side note: I've received many great ideas! Here are the other themes that have been suggested. Stretching Out, Bath Time, Smile, Hands & Feet, Baby & Daddy, Baby & Mommy, Name, Sports, Crazy Hair, Cry Baby/Sad Face, All Dressed Up, Pets, Grandparents, iBaby Technology, On the Go, Hats Bows, Favorite Feature of LO, Black &  White, Shopping Fun. 
Feel free to give more suggestions!

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