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poop question

DD will be 7 weeks on Thursday. She is mostly BF with a couple of oz. Of formula at night. Her poop is very watery and she poops several times a day. She grunts and it seems to shoot out if her bottom. She also hasn't been sleeping that great.

Does this sound normal?

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Re: poop question

  • Yep!  Completely normal!  Breastfed babies have very runny (and yellow) poop and they often make a lot of noise pooping.  They haven't pooped before now either, so it's all new.  I think the grunting is probably just because it's a

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  • You just described my DD. Pedi AND gastroenterologist told us it was normal.

    DD does have some reflux issues and also milk protein intolerance so that could also be related to that, but they did not seem concerned. 

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  • Sounds just like my DS.  He works so hard for gas and poop, but it's all watery.  He mostly poops with every feed, which is to say a lot.

  • I had the same question for my doctor. She reminded me that my DS is on a liquid diet (EBF) so his poop would be loose. She also said as long as there is some poop on top of the diaper as well as soaked in then it's a normal healthy poop. 
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