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No invite - Should I be upset?

My husband and I have a couple that we have known for about 5 years now and in that time frame we have included them in our baby shower and get togethers and they have invited us to the suprise proposal, wedding and other events. We learned they were having a boy awhile ago and we had a ton baby things from our son (who is now 23 months) and offered these things to them. They took alot of things and was very appreciative. Which I was just happy they could use everything. So my problem is that she has had 2 showers and I wasn't invited to either one of them. I learned that her last and 3rd shower is next week. I wasn't invited to that either. My feelings are hurt and I kind of feel like it's a slap in the face. Am I over reacting? I really want to say something but don't want to be dramatic either.

Re: No invite - Should I be upset?

  • Maybe it was an accident that you got over looked....3 times.

    You shouldn't say anything, it will make you seem like you want a tit for tat. They invited you to everything else and you gave them baby clothes which they graciously accepted. Maybe

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  • You're over-reacting.

    Could be the showers were for small, specific groups of people (coworkers, family, college friends).  Could be the couple felt you'd been so generous already that they were embarrassed to ask you for more gifts.  C

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  • I wouldn't feel shafted. I have not been invited to plenty of weddings or showers and I'm fine with that because it saved me money and I just congratulated them on FB or with a card. I got invited to a bachelorette and like 4 showers for one friend and

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  • image FemShep:
    You're overreacting.Could be the showers were for small, specific groups of people coworkers, family, college friends. nbs
  • Great advice, thanks ladies

  • I think you're overreacting. You've been included in other events and you've also given them a lot of items for their baby already. Why would you want to go to an event where you would need to bring another gift? Just let it go. I don't think there is any
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  • You're upset that you weren't invited to a party where you were expected to give another gift? Perhaps they didn't invite you BECAUSE you have been so incredibly gracious to them, and they did not want to appear to be ungrateful for the pass-alongs by inv


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  • image FemShep:

    You're over-reacting.

    Could be the showers were for small, specific groups of people (coworkers, family, colleg

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  • image FemShep:

    You're over-reacting.

    Could be the showers were for small, specific groups of people (coworkers, family, colleg

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  • I would have felt the same way you did like-wow why didn't I get the invite? Then the logical part of my brain would have engaged enough for me to go- wait- that means I don't have to attend/buy a gift, etc, etc.  I love planning showers, I was grate
  • I am wondering if they feel that you've already been so generous that it would be insulting or gift grabby to invite you to another gift giving event. Showers, though people want to say they are about "celebrating baby", are truly gift giving events. <br
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  • I'm a super sensitive person so my first reaction would be hurt too but once I left my personal pity party, I'd figure that there was probably a reason and I wouldn't take it to heart. I agree with a lot of the responses you've already gotten :)
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  • I definitely can understand being initially upset.  But - I wouldn't take it as a "slap to the face".  As already stated, there are many reasons why they might not have invited you.  I wouldn't take it too personally unless there are other
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  • I think I'd be upset, too.  But this is the quandary with showers:  You invite someone and you risk looking gift grabby (for various reasons), you leave them out and you risk hurt feelings.  Sometimes this puts the hostess and/or Guest o

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  • Sometimes the people throwing the shower aren't given a guest list by the mom to be. Especially if its someone like a cousin throwing a surprise shower they may not even know you guys are close. I have had my feelings hurt when there was a friend having a
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