Toddlers: 24 Months+

any other tots who grind thier teeth out there?

our almost 2.5 yr old grinds them- pretty regularly- her teeth look okay- she has a slight overbite- we are getting ready to move but I noticed that even on the most relaxed days she still grinds them.  i dont always tell her to stop but when I do she laughs at me and then makes it a point to do it again.

I didnt plan on taking her to the dentist until she was three since that was what I was told by a pediatric dentist- so if you went through it does it just stop?

And she doesnt do it everyday but regulary enough that I am wondering whats up?  We do brush her teeth everyday.  She still uses her pacifier for bedtimes and I have noticed that she tries to chew on it now.  So I might  have to "loose" that soon.

Re: any other tots who grind thier teeth out there?

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