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IUGR update - it's induction day!

Mobile:  IUGR update - it's induction day!

 T minus 1 hour until I need to be at the hospital to check in for my induction.  Today I'm 37wks, 1 day, and to quote the OB "the risk of delivering three weeks early is greatly outweighed by the risk of continued pregnancy."  My peanut is still measuring less than 5th percentile.

Things I'm stressed about: Pitocin.  Hanging out at the hospital for many hours waiting for my completely closed cervix to ripen etc.  I'm GBS positive, so I have to do the whole antibiotics thing.

Things I'm relieved about:  Baby Elena is kicking and wiggling!   She passed her NST with flying colors yesterday.  I will still be under a midwife's care (yay!).  I'm squeaking into the nice L&D rooms a few weeks before they're closed for renovation -- at that point I would have had to deliver in a shoebox room.

So basically, I'm ok. Yesterday there was a lot of crying, but today, I'm hopeful.  I just want a healthy baby!!

TIA for thoughts and prayers.  I'll take them all!

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* Miscarraige September 2011; XY with Trisomy 15
*November 2011 - January 2012 - 3 cycles of Femora - BFN x 3
* 2/12 and 4/12 Tamoxifen - no response
Planned to start Follistim for COH August '12 but...
Surprise!! BFP! And it's a girl!!

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