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Diaper bag

I need to get one and was looking for recommendations and hopefully a good deal!! 
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Re: Diaper bag

  • I love the bag I got. It's the Babymel Amanda diaper bag. I had been looking at it online for months but couldn't justify spending $100+ on a diaper bag. In January I ended up finding it for half price at Babysteals. I snatched it up right away!

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  • I got the Vera Bradley diaper bag. Haven't used it yet but packed a bunch of stuff in it for the hospital and love it so far! I have a friend who is on her second one. She got a VB with her first child and got a new one for her second just because she

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  • I was looking at the Skip Hop Versa but ended up with the Casual Cargo bag from Thirty-One, I had a party and got it real cheap.  I liked the set up and the fact I could have name or initials put on it.  then I bought a couple of their zipper

  • I had been searching and searching but my bestie pulled through and bough me a Petunia Pickle Bottom... crazy!

    I did buy a hospital bag from 31 bags - the weekender. Looking forward to that!


  • I have the Marc Jacobs Baby bag and love it, I'll also be taking it as my hospital bag!
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  • Has anyone had a Coach diaper bag?  I have an opportunity to get one 50% off, which is still stupid expensive but if they are really great quality I might do it. 
  • We got a plain black Jeep one because my husband is a SAHD and he was the one toting it around on a daily basis (as opposed to me).  All things considered, it has served its purpose well, much better than the cheap p.o.s. Eddie Bauer bag my ILs got f
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  • image BigPoppa22:
    Has anyone had a Coach diaper bag?  I have an opportunity to get one 50% off, which is still stupid expensive
  • The first time around, I got a lot of use out of the zip down changing pad that would unfold. I'd make sure to get one that has that. It was very handy for changing in inconvenient places that didn't have changing tables in their bathrooms.
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  • I got the timi & leslie annette in pewter. I didn't see spending over $100 either, but I snatched it up on sale and had a gift card.. I haven't used it yet obviously but I think I will really like it..it looks like an oversized purse I think.


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    Has anyone had a Coach diaper bag?nbsp; I have an opportunity to get one 50 off, which is still stupid expensive but if
  • STM here, I have a SkipHop Via and LOVE it!  We will continue to use it for LO, as it has held up really well for the past two years we've had it. 

    It has lots of pockets and compartments, which makes for easy organization.  It's

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  • I got a Marc Jacobs in black. Very pricey but it was important to have a bag that was cute, big and durable with lots of compartments and it fit the bill. I plan on using it for future kids as well. GL!
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  • FTM here. Just wondering if a North Face backpack or equivalent would work as a diaper bag? I have registered for the fold up changing pad, but both my husband and I hate the look of most diaper bags. Plus, I travel for work and one shoulder bags absol
  • Thanks everyone! I'm looking at all the suggestions now! And the baby steals archive is great..I forgot about it..I see a nice bumble and bumble one I might get :)
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