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Nursing wear

Need suggestions on clothing for nursing. I currently have 2 nursing bras and 4 nursing tanks. I wear the nursing tanks during the day and at night for nursing. I was looking at the sleeping bra. Has anyone tried this and liked it? I leak a lot and need to wear nursing pads at all times. I was also wondering what everyone has found to be the easiest for day time clothing. Am I tied down to only button ups and nursing tanks? I still want to look cute when I'm out and about but I am having the hardest time figuring out what to wear that is cute and easy to breastfeed in without having to take my shirt completely off....TIA 

Re: Nursing wear

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    I just wear whatever I wore before. I sometimes wear a tank under so I can hide my back when I NIP, but even then it is not too big of a deal. I am usually sitting and the chair hides it. I like this bra to sleep in...

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  • I have two bras from Bravado that I wear in the day time - absolutely love them! They're comfortable, easy to hook/unhook, and hide the disposable pads well. But they're expensive! As far as what goes over them, I'm just wearing my normal clothes, most

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  • I've just been wearing whatever shirts I can pull up easily, and then some trendy top things my mom picked up for me. They work really well to keep my belly/back covered without adding another layer over my nursing bra. But I need to go shopping, my boobs
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  • Thanks guys, I'm going to try and venture out this week to do some shopping. My main problem with my current tops is that my boobs don't fit in most of them too. I'm pretty small normally and went from a 34B to 34D, so size XS doesn't really cut it and I'
  • I got some $4 spaghetti strap tanks at Old Navy and just wear those under regular shirts. I lift up my shirt and pull the tank down to unhook my bra and I'm set. And I don't mind if the tank gets stretched over time because they are so cheap!
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  • I wear my normal tshirts over nursing tanks most of the time. I pull my shirt up to feed DD.

    Once she starts going longer between feedings and my stomach is back to normal so that I don't mind if people see it, I'll lose the tanks in favor o
  • I look to be in the minority here, but I have a ton of cute nursing tops from the Gap. I hate having my belly be bare when I feed, especially if I am out somewhere. Gap has a ton of cute options, and is constantly having sales or sending me coupons. Every


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    I look to be in the minority here, but I have a ton of cute nursing tops from the Gap. I hate having my belly
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