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Question about how you bathe your LO?

This is quite possibly a dumb question....I am actually a STM and my oldest DD and now my DS both hated baths with a passion.  Mine both scream bloody murder in the tub as infants.  Baths don't seem to relax them like I see others say so often.  It dawned on me while talking to a friend that maybe I am doing it wrong and thats why my kids hate it???  Her 4 month old is submerged in water when she bathes him...she has the same fisher price mesh bath seat I have.  When I bathe my DS (8 weeks old), I sit him in the seat and just put like 2-3 inches of water in the tub and wet the towel and pour the water over him, etc.  She is saying she fills the water where the seat is under water pretty much and the water goes so high it covers her DDs legs and goes like halfway up her belly so she is actually mostly submerged in the water and staying warm.  Is that what you guys do??? 

Maybe mine scream because they are freezing and this is the magic solution. I keep the bathroom SUPER warm, but they still scream.

Re: Question about how you bathe your LO?

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