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DS is 20 months old and sleeps with a blanket and a stuffed animal.  When he plays "nap", he always grabs a pillow and flops down on it like he's sleeping.  Sometimes when I check on him at night, he is using his stuffed animal as a pillow.  Does anyone have their toddler sleep with a pillow?  What age did you start?
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Re: Pillows?

  • I would at that age if he's interested, and it sounds like he is. DD hasn't seemed interested yet, so I haven't tried. I'd try to find a toddler sized pillow as opposed to a full sized one. I can't remember when I started w/ DD1 - but probably somewhere b

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  • My DD pretends with a pillow and uses stuffed animals as pillows too but really doesn't seem to have interest in actually having a pillow in her bed.  Until she says she wants one or tries to put one in her crib, I'm not going to bother with it. &nbs
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  • Our DS who is 20 months sleeps with a pillow pet and he loves it. He started sleeping on it at about 15 months. Although he starts out with his head on it he is never sleeping in his starting position when he wakes up. He is a wild sleeper. I say go for i
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  • We have been thinking of getting DD a pillow soon as well. She has a tiny stuffed decorative pillow in her crib and she will sleep on it alot and she LOVES our pillows so we think she would like to have one of her own.

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  • DS is a little bit younger & we've tried giving him a small stuffed pillow we got as a gift but he is so all over the place at night, he doesn't use it for its intended purpose. Maybe in a few months we'll try again.
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  • We gave DD one at 18 months when she had a bad cold for a little elevation.  We never took it out of her crib.  She just moved into her big girl bed last week (20 months) and uses one there too. 
  • I don't remember the exact age, but I think it was a month or two after his first birthday.  It was one of the mini pillow pets, and we only put it in his crib with him at naptime.  Over time, we started letting him have it in his crib overnight
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  • Funny..DH and I just talked about this last night! Our DD does the same things! So I think we will be getting her a pillow soon as well!
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  • I gave DS a pillow around 14 months.  I had a hard time finding a flat enough pillow and ended up buying one from Pottery Barn Kids.

    DS falls asleep with his head on his pillow every night.  By morning he is pretty far away from his pil


  • We do, I'd say around 14 months, he started wanting a pillow.
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  • We haven't done one with DD yet but i think we will soon. usually the people i talked to said as long as they were walking well to go for it.  I think i am going to make her one though, that way i can make it the size and flatness that i'd prefer.&nb
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  • DD started doing exactly what you described - flopping around with a couch pillow whenever I'd mention naps - about three months ago, around 16 months, I'd say. 

    I had this really old super flat twin sized pillow, so I started letting her s

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  • DD is 18 mo and has started bunching up her blanket to use as a pillow. We recently had her well baby check, and pedi said there is no risk of SIDS anymore, and use of a pillow is okay. So, I just ordered a toddler pillow off Amazon- we'll see if she li
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