New here and need advice before I rip my hair out....

My child breast fed so well the whole time we were in the hospital and the first day home. The last day in the hospital he had a low grade of jaundice, so they supplemented my milk with a formula. We have fed him formula like 2-3 time since we got home Friday morning.

DH and I got all of about 30 minutes of sleep last night and the night before because my son was so frustrated and would push the breast away. Last night it got to the point where I was crying just as much as he was. Can someone please give me some advice as to how to get my breast feeding champ back? I can't handle another night of this :-(

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Re: New here and need advice before I rip my hair out....

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    Hi - I'm not an expert but I had a hard time at the beginning too. My daughter didn't gain as much weight as the pedi wanted so we supplemented a little with formula but I was very determined. I kept putting her to the breast and that is what I recommend
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  • Not an expert but have you tired a nipple guard to help latch? I did this on one breast early on to help my little guy latch... Only took 3 days and then he got his super latch back! 

    BF is frustrating but honestly all of a sudden they and y

  • Just keep trying, it gets much easier I promis :) Good luck!

    You can also call a lactation consultsnt for help if you need it.

  • I think one of the best things to do would be to call an LC. They can give you advice about latching and getting back to the breast. 

    I am not asking to be snarky, I promise. Is there a reason you've been giving formula since you got home? I


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