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What size to buy?

I found the cutest swim trunks for DS at Carters (online at Macys, and they're still stocked up on all sizes, so I know the availability won't be an issue for a little while).

DS is 5 months and at the beginning of September will be 11 months old. Our last vacation we have planned is the beginning of August, but I'm sure we'll go swimming until it gets too cold. Right now, he fits the best in 6-9 month clothing (they are just starting to fit him almost perfectly; still a little too big).

What size of swim trunks (and rash guard) should I get him? Our first swimming time might be May at the earliest, so he'd be 7 months old.

They have sizes 6-9 months, 12 months, and 18 months. I would be willing to get him two sizes, but I don't know which two. DS will be wearing swim diapers underneath.

Which would you get or how would you go about deciding which sizes? The drawstring is not real, so I wouldn't be able to get a bigger size and just cinch it up tighter.  

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Re: What size to buy?

  • I would get a 12 and 18. More than likely your child will be out of 6-9 before summer and then out of 9-12 by September. My DD always switched into the next size up a month before the beginning size fit (So 3-6 by 2 months, ect). My DS has been in 3-6 for
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  • I would go 12 and 18. He will eventually fit into both and will have a diaper under the 12 so it should work in a few months.
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  • Get a bigger size in the rashguard - 12 months. They are tight so it wouldn't be an issue if it was a little big at the beginning of the summer. To me, it seems like swim trunks run big. DS always wore at least a size smaller in swim trunks than his regul
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  • I'd get the 12 mos and the 18 mos. We just bought 6-12 mos swim trunks and rashguard at the Gap and DS is wearing 9 mos now. We also started swim lessons so he needed them now, but in a few months I plan on having to buy new swim trunks again.

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