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Ovulation test kit question

I ordered ovulation test kits from The directions clearly state that a positive result is when the test line is as dark or darker than the control line.

My first month trying it, I got a good clear positive result. Did the deed 2 days before and then during ovulation-not pregnant.

This month, I took the test again just to make sure I ovulated around the same time. Every test gave me the 2 lines but they were never as dark or darker than the control line. And as days past, the line got lighter to almost complete white. We still did the deed every single day those weeks.

 Does that mean I didn't ovulate? Or maybe my urine was a little diluted, though I'm always careful. Has this happened to you? I'm getting a little worried as we're going on the 8th month of trying....

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Re: Ovulation test kit question

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