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When to see a pedi allergist?

We had a 3 year well-check on Friday. Last year Turtle was tested for allergies, at the time the priority was to determine whether or not we needed to exclude diary or not. (Chronic ear infections started when he started diary and stopped when we took him off). Instead we learned that he's allergic to soy and walnuts. I think at the time we were with another pedi and for whatever reason and she didn't seem concerned by anything. Just noted to give Claritin/Benadryl or whatever seemed to work best for him if he seemed bothered by any symptoms. 

Fast forward to Friday and his primary dr suggested meeting with a pedi allergist. We got distracted onto another topic and I never really got the break down of when/why to meet with an allergist. She also prescribed him an epipen for "just in case". 

Our current pedi seems to be very much an alarmist and we get sent to a specialist for every little thing. Things that seem insignificant but of course you want to check it out anyway because you don't want to ignore something that could be a symptom of something severe. My instincts say he's fine, our old pedi seemed ok that overall Turtle is healthy we just have some things to monitor and keep an eye on as he grows. Our new pedi (been there 1.5 years) sends us to every specialist under the moon. Which in turn the specialists usually look at me like I'm the alarmist and shouldn't worry. 

Long story short, when is it important to see a pedi allergist? I'm trying to get Turtle's files all organized so I can go back over those results and see where his levels were so I can look at them more closely for myself. He hasn't had any major reactions other than we thought we was intolerant to diary and discovered these allergies instead.  

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Re: When to see a pedi allergist?

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