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False Labor...

I really thought LO might come last night. It started out with what seemed like regular BH contractions which started becoming timeable (actually got to 5 mins apart for an extended period of time) and more intense (was getting all crampy and the pressure on the lower half of my belly increased a lot). This went on until probably 3 or 4 in the morning. Then the contractions just got farther apart. I'm still having some this morning, but nowhere near as frequently. I haven't seen any sign of blood yet. I was 3 cms dilated at my appt last week and go back to the doc tomorrow morning. If there hasn't at least been more progress taking place, then I don't know what all of that was about. The pressure down below has increased though so maybe the contractions have pushed her head down even further. She faked me out last week too. This time was much more intense though so she got me again! I'm afraid I'm really going to go into labor and then wait too long to head to the hospital because I'll think it isn't the real thing! Good thing we only live 5 mins away!

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