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Whoa, I'm pregnant.

Just found out yesterday that I'm pregnant! We've been trying for about 5 months now and I definitely wasn't expecting the test to come out positive. I had my usual day-before-period-starts brownish spotting Friday then nothing all day Saturday so I told my husband I'd probably take a test Sunday morning. He was like "okay, but it'll probably be negative" and I replied with "I know" but-shocker-it was positive!

I'm so not ready to go to a new BMB. I just stopped in there (Nov. 2013) and it's a mess of "SQUEEEEEEE!!!!" "How are you going to announce?!?!?!" and "OMG, I can't have bacon/caffeine/lunchmeat/etc. I'm going to diiiiiie" All I want is to get out of the ugly, greasy, sick feeling first tri, and into the glorious second tri (and I want to know the sex so bad so I can go through DD's clothes and see what I can use or get rid of...complete opposite season...ugh).

But, I'm definitely excited!

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Re: Whoa, I'm pregnant.

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