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When starting cereal...

I know not everyone does cereal, but I think we are going to try since lil man likes seems to be really interested in what we are eating.

That being said... What time is best to try it the first time? In the AM? PM? Also how many times a day should we offer? I know it will not replace his actual bottles... Just trying to get an idea of a schedule to try to follow.

Last thing, I saw a recipe that someone's daycare was using to mix the cereal. I think it was a scoop of formula, a few table spoons of cereal, and a couple of table spoons of water. Does this sound familiar? Should we start thin or thick?

Thanks in advance!!!
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Re: When starting cereal...

  • Start thin. I do one tbsp of cereal to an ounce of liquid. Time of day doesn't really matter. Pick whatever one works best for you. You will want to start out only giving it once a day and work up from there.

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  • Has your pedi said it is ok to start?  If not, I would wait until he gives the go ahead.  Otherwise definately start thin and gradually make it thicker as LO becomes better at using the spoon and eating.  I do night time since I am a workin
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  • We give DD a bottle with cereal in it every night before she goes to sleep. The first couple nights you could tell the cereal didn't sit well because she was fussy for about 20 minutes, but the doctor said that was normal. After those first few nights, sh

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  • Our pedi recommends starting in the AM so you can see how they tolerate it afterward. I don't think it's really a big deal though. Some people like the PM because it's more of a dinner routine. It's really up to you. Just use an ounce of formula/BM and

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  • I just want to comment on that "recipe."  A scoop of formula is meant to be mixed with a very specific amount of water - a lot more than a couple spoonfuls so you are potentially providing too high a concentration of vitamins and minerals by not foll
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  • The recipe of the cereal-to-formula ratio is on the box of cereal. For beginners, it is prepared really runny so they can swallow it.

    We introduce all new foods in the AM since we did have one solid (barley cereal) that my LO had a reaction to.

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  • image KaraBoBara18:
    We give DD a bottle with cereal in it every night before she goes to sleep. The first couple nights you could te
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  • Definitely go thin and once a day for now should be fine. It's about practicing oral motor skills and social habits...not nutrition. 
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