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Car seat base installation question

I drive a 2010 Jeep Liberty, and the car seat latches are only for the two window seats.  We have a Chicco Keyfit, which won't allow us to use the two inside latches (which I know is wrong anyways) to place it in the center.  So our options are to use the seat belt to latch the base into the center seat, or use the car's latches and place it in a window seat.   I am definitely leaning towards doing the center seat with seat belt attachment but just curious what others have done or will do in this situation.  Thanks!


Re: Car seat base installation question

  • I know it's recommended to put the seat in the middle, but we put DS behind the passenger seat. It allowed easier access to him, and we could position a mirror so we could see him in the review mirror. I don't think the middle would be convenient for gett
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  • I actually have no idea but I know when I went to pre-register at the hospital, they told me to go to the local fire department and they can assist in making sure your car seat base is installed correctly.  
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  • We used the middle because it was safest. Even if we couldn't use the latch, we still would have put it there. No problems with convenience, it was actually nice to be able to brace myself on the seat.
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  • I have an '08 liberty and a keyfit 30. We installed the seat in the middle. I don't think it will be too difficult to move the baby in and out considering the height and width of the liberty. We haven't had the seat inspected yet, but
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  • I'd do the center seat for sure.  
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  • We put DD on the passenger side because I could not lift her into the middle seat of my SUV. This baby is also going on the passenger side and DD is behind the driver because my carseats will not fit beside each with one in the middle.

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  • The seatbelt is just as safe as LATCH, I would put it in the middle with the seatbelt.

  • I put my first in the middle because it?s the safest...but then when my second came along I put both of them on the sides.  So if it?s a lot easier for you to put him on the side, just imagine LO is your second and then you won?t feel bad.  lol
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  • I put DS in the middle of both my SUV and DHs little car with seatbelts & it was pretty easy because the base had a lockoff for seatbelt installations. However, I did ended up putting his convertable behind me, because I was already pregnant. Latch insta
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  • I drive a Focus and we don't have a middle seat- so DD has always gone on the side behind the driver. When DD 2 comes along, she'll go on the other side.
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  • Thanks ladies.  Just wanted to make sure I wasn't oblivious to some information that makes one of these harmful to the baby. I think we'll stick with the middle seat, but I know I can always easily switch it too.  
  • We chose behind the passenger seat. We have a small Chevy aveo tho and this was the only spot that allowed my husband to be able to drive. It was very convenient for getting him in and out, but my car does not compare with your suv size wise....

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  • DS is in the middle, I have heard that it is the safest, 2nd safest is drivers side b/c of instinct say if someone was coming at you your instinct is to swerve the other way and the person coming at you would hit you on the passenger side...that made sens

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  • We have the Keyfit 30s and will have to put one behind the driver and one in the middle.  When we tried them out to see if they fit we were actually able to get the one in the middle in tighter with the seatbelt than the one with the Latch.

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  • Center with the seatbelt.  You can get just as tight of a fit with the seatbelt as long as it is installed correctly.
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