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How did you do it? Work.

I go back Tuesday. I've never been so sad in my life.
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Re: How did you do it? Work.

  • I go back Tuesday aswell and I've cried daily. So Idk either, eager to see responses.

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  • I've been back to work about a week and a half. I cried before I left the house, cried in the car, cried when I dropped her off (she made a sad face when I handed her over and that made it worse), cried on my way to the office, and cried when I got the

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  • I work part time overnight shifts, so I only go in 2 times a week, and my kids have a babysitter in the afternoon, then DH gets home, they go to bed, then go to pre-school in the morning.  The baby stays with either one of my parents until 1230 wh

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  • I cried almost daily for 4 weeks leading up to my return to work. I honestly think that part was the worst. I have been back at work for 2 weeks now. The first day was hard but not as hard as I thought. I cried a bit on the way to work and then got a litt

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  • I cried, felt like the worlds worst mom for leaving him learned how to work "normal" hours without any overtime so I could spend time with my LO in the morning rush home to cuddle him :
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  • People say it gets easier, and it does, but it takes a little while. I cried the first morning I dropped him off, but forced myself to focus on other things at work to pass the time until I could get home to him. And that's what I still do - stay busy at
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  • I've always found the anticipation of returning is worse than actually returning.  Once I'm back and get into a routine it's all good.  Of course, I really enjoy my job and career so that helps.

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  • I've been back for 2.5 weeks now. I wanted to go back and it was still hard! Now though I'm ok and enjoy the time I have with the kids that much more. It will be ok, I promise!
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  • Like a couple other posters have said, the days leading up to it are worse than the first day me that was harder than dropping her off at my sister's house that first morning and driving to work. Once I got there, I was back into my normal work


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  • I worried about the unknown. So I check in daily with a text and it's nice to be able to get an update that she is sleeping soundly or talking away. I checked in a few times the first day but now just once.

    I might stop texting for updates in



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  • It was much harder with my first. This time around it seems like I just feel back into my old routine. But the anticipation was definitely the worst. Give it time. Each day should get easier and easier.
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  • I look back on my return to work after my first as easily the worst and hardest time of my life.  It is very hard this time around too (I start back in 10 days...SOB!), but knowing that it'll be easier once I get through it is making it a little e

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  • image itsmevkb:

    I've always found the anticipation of returning is worse than actually returning.  Once I'm back and get int

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  • I've been back for a month and a half now. 

    I cried everyday. What helped me was having pictures of her up at work to look at and since family/friends are watching her I asked them to send me a pic of her sometime during the day.


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  • It was hard the first week, but I promise you it will get better. You have to get into a routine with LO. I won't say it gets easier because there are some days that I get just as upset as the first day I took LO to daycare. I've been back at work since 2
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  • With my first kid I really loved my job and DS had colic ... so I ran back to work and was fine with it.

    It was much harder this time with DD.  I enjoy working though. But as a teacher I also get my summers off.  (I had a different job


  • Tomorrow will mark one week that I've been back at work. It was really hard...I cried myself to sleep the night before.

    I'm a teacher - and our babysitter is literally across from the school. For some reason it helps knowing he is so close by. On


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