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Isaac Michael's Birth Story!!



My actual EDD was Wednesday*

So Monday night, I went to dinner with my mom. I had been feeling crampy all day after my internal that morning said I was only at 1cm. I went over to mom's house after dinner to watch the bachelor season finale (he picked the wrong one!) when she talked me into taking a teaspoon of castor oil. So I went home and to bed around 11 while DH watched a movie in the living room. I began to have contractions immediately upon laying down, but dismissed them. I got up to pee so many more times than usual until I started having terrible diarrhea. DH finally came to bed.

I was trying to count my suddenly extreme contractions but they seemed like they jumped from basically nothing to about 1-2 minutes apart. DH tried to count to but it was not working. We hopped (well I waddled) into the car to L&D where I promptly threw up all over the ground upon arrival. We were being evaluated by about 2:45am they checked to see if I was dialated more but still at only 1 cm. The nurse started me an IV of fluids because she said I was contracting due to dehydration. Turns out, I was right, the contractions were coming every 1-2 minutes and a severe level. Over 90, if anyone knows the machine I'm talking about. I threw up about four times in the eval room, and was absolutely pissed when they sent me on my merry way after one bag of fluid, these monster contractions, and profuse vomiting.

We returned home about 5 and my back labor began. SN: there is nothing worse in this whole entire world than back labor!! I kept throwing up so DH (who conveniently is a fire fighter/medic) got out his handy kit and started another fluid line in my hand. It made me feel better, because I couldn't keep any liquid down without throwing it up. At this point in time, I know that my water broke. I could feel it and it went all over my bed but I didn't even care when I was in that much pain. I got up to pee and blood was spilling out of me! DH called his mom around 7 (after 2 excruciatimg hours, mostly because of being afraid though). His mom (who conveniently happens to be a L&D nuurse at the hospital I was delivering at) Came over to check me. In the couple hours I'd been home from the hospital I went from 1-4 and a half cm. and she felt a "bulging bag" which led me to believe my water hadn't broken. By the time this was all said and done and we headed back to the hosptial it was about 9:30am

We immediately check into the hospital. My exercise ball REALLY came in handy during labor which I planned for med-free. I labored for about 17 hours when I finally opted for the epi. When my dr. finally arrived and said she couldn't feel his head. She brought the u/s machine in to find that baby was breech in the Frank position (second picture) and that I needed to be prepped for c-section. I was horrified :-( but in reality, c-section was not that bad. I can see why I would actually favor c-section if I hadn't been through so much labor already. I had my DH by my side, some extremely comforting anesthesiologist by my head, and my MIL aided in the delivery :)

I didn't feel a thing during the section and I have been very sore since then, but Isaac is truthfully the best thing that has ever happened to me. he is worth the now sleepless nights and chapped nipples! He breast feeds like a champ!! He is so good! Congrats mommies!!

EDIT: The "bulging bag" that my MIL felt was actually Isaac's scrotum. What I felt was in fact my water! Poor baby, everytime I contracted, his little balls were being suctioned out of my cervix. His balls were like a tennis ball when he was born!

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