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Recommend your nursery furniture!

I am so frustrated with shopping for baby furniture. I have to buy online because the stores around here have hardly anything in stock. I cant find anything I feel confident ordering! Anything with good reviews seems to be too expensive. We want white, but if you found a decent brand, please tell me about it even if you bought a different color. I would love to spend no more than 500700 for the crib, dresser, and changing table, and I prefer a changing table that doesn't have open shelves something that's still useful after I'm done using it as a changing table. If I found a more expensive dresser that I loved, I don't even care if I have a changing table.

What did you buy??!
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Re: Recommend your nursery furniture!

  • We bought Babi Italia furniture for DS. It's solid wood which was important to me. We got it on sale so it was about $700 for the crib and dresser. The dresser is beautiful and can be used past the baby stage. It has a piece on top that is raised that can
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  • For DS1 we $600 dollar crib/changing table combo, it was Davinci, we bought it at cribs.com.  It is nice looking but not as sturdy as we would have hoped for it being so pricey.  For DS2 we bought a Graco crib I believe the style is called Sarah
  • Have you tried Babyletto (can find on Amazon) it typically gets great reviews and they have dressers and crib (Hudson line) that total about $700.  It's more of a modern look...not sure your style.  I don't have this brand, but I know friends

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  • I bought the Delta Bentley collection from Target -- I bought it in espresso, but they do have it in white.  The changing table has open shelves, so that doesn't meet you needs, but I love it and I love the crib -- best part was how easy both piec

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  • image JSS1002:

    I bought the Delta Bentley collection from Target -- I bought it in espresso, but they do have it in white.  The

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  • I bought Baby Cache from BRU. I made my decision based on the B.aby B.argains reviews. Haven't tested it yet but am very pleased with the appearance, much more than I thought I would be.

    i did not buy a changing table, will just use the dresser.

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  • We bought the Graco Victoria crib for $200 and a white 9 drawer IKEA dresser for $299 (SUPER sturdy and not at all cheap feeling). I just threw the changing pad on top and put diapers/wipes in the top drawers.

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  • I have the Graco Lauren crib for dd and really like it. We just did a dresser and put the changing pad on top, have the Ikea Birkland 3 drawer dresser and night stand it's plenty of space. And I have a white, 9 cubicle bookshelf (Martha Stewart, from H

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  • We bought the Sorelle Tuscany 4-1 which has the changer attached to the side of the crib. Once the child gets old enough, the changer becomes a nightstand. We got the matching 4 drawer dresser. BRU seems to be running the same deal they had when we bought
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  • We ordered Stork Craft from walmart online (I'm in Canada though... But I'm assuming you have that brand in the states?).  They had lots of different styles and colours. If you are having a hard time finding a change table you like, you can consider
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  • This time around we got furniture by Boori. We were very impressed with quality and ease of putting it together. It also shipped quickly from RightStart.com. We got a convertible crib and a tall bookcase. For now the bookcase will be used as open stora

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  • Sorry to post and run today, but thanks for all the input, ladies!  It gave me a lot to look into.  I ended up biting the bullet and ordering the Graco Lauren crib in white, which was what I kept going back to, and a Stork Craft combo dresser

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