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Getting son ready for new baby

My son will be 21 months when the new baby arrives.  He is now 17 months and doesn't really talk but understands a lot.  Is there anything I should do to get him prepared for a new baby? Should I be talking to him about it? Any suggestions would be great.  Thanks. 

Re: Getting son ready for new baby

  • Mine was 21 mos, and we didn't tell her anything. But, she's easygoing and loves other kids, so we didn't think she needed to get used to the idea of another person, especially since she didn't understand the future. After we had the baby, dh showed he

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    Thanks for the suggestions. My son is really easy going and happy too, so hopefully the transition will be a breeze:)
  • My dd will also be 21 mos when my lo arrives this November! newly preg :
    and I know exactly what to stop doing lol nursing to sleep and picking her up!
  • DS1 is 23 months and DS2 is due now. We told him but he had no idea. MH talked to the belly and DS would copy. We got DS1 used to his big kid bed and walking to the car just holding hands. He's around babies at daycare so I wasn't too worried about him be
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  • It'll be an 18 month gap for us, the biggest obstacle will be bed transitioning in the next couple months so the newborn can have the crib.
    "What are you having?" "Well the radiologist says its a healthy little human baby. I'm a little disappointed, because I really wanted a puppy." LOL
  • DD was 18 months when DS was born.  A couple of months before the due date we got an "I'm a big sister" book by Joanna Cole (there is a big brother one too) that is about being a sister to a baby. I think there might also be one about baby coming hom
  • DD is 18 months old and we're following this advice from friends with 2 under 2:
    DD has a baby doll. we play with it every day, give it a paci, a bottle, we put it into a stroller and go for a walk, we cover it with a blankie and we stroke it's head. S
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