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Breechy stubborn baby and weight gain issues

Well baby girl seems to be really comfortable sitting in her Breech position with her little bottom looking down and no matter what I try to do (exercise,communicating actually begging her to turn so that mammy doesn't have a c section e.t.c) she seems not to paying any attention.I think I am mad with my LO.I am hitting 36 weeks tomorrow and time is running out.Doc says if she doesn't turn until 38weeks I ll have a c section.I dont want a c section, its not necessary!!if she only turned!!Plus my weight is so out of control...I am doing fine with my appetite control until 6pm when I start eating sweats and salty food for like about 3hours until I finally calm down.how will I lose all this weight???Anyone else experiencing the same or have ideas how to copy with all that?

Re: Breechy stubborn baby and weight gain issues

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