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anyone else awake?

So its 4am and once again I am awake because of the tummy pressure, back pain, and throbbing sciatic.

So Im surfin the net and just had some cheerios! Anyone else awake and what are you doing?


Re: anyone else awake?

  • I am!  I also just had some cheerios and am wasting time on the internet!   www.buzzfeed.com is my fav website currently (for all things non-baby related!).
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  • I'm at work on a 12 hour midnight shift and watching People's Court between calls. Woo hoo!! :P

    Some cheerios sound good right now. 


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  • I am. It's 1:37 AM and while I wait for my sleep aid pills to kick in, I'm working on thank-you notes and watching Star Trek (I may be doing more of the latter than the former...).
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  • Awake and now feeling guilty that I'm not writing thank you notes. Also, craving Cheerios... Thanks.

    Trying to fall back asleep while playing on my phone. I'm sick of only having two sleeping positions and my whole body aches. Good luck sle
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  • omgosh lol  i couldn't sleep and had me a bowl of cheerios too! lol

    I had some weird tightening pain at the top of my baby bump and that I've never felt before....They couldn't be contractions could they?! 

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  • I'm up :(  I've been laying here for an hour with no success of falling back to sleep.  Now I'm trying to think of what cereals I have downstairs and my tummy is starting to rumble.
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  • Yup. Been up since 3:30. Watching Friends and eating a Poptart.
  • 530an here......awake and probably won't go back to sleep as DD will be up soon. And, i totally bought poptarts the other day! Haven't had them in years.
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  • I want a poptart. And more than 4 hours of sleep. Neither look promising.
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  • I'm up...DD woke up around 3 with a bloody nose and it's now almost 5 and I can't get back to sleep.  I was on Pinterest for the first hour, thinking about doing a little modge podge job on an old bookshelf I have for the baby's room with chevon scra

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  • Oh I'm awake, I got up at 5:30 to pee and have been up since.

    between the baby moving in what feels like my crotch, my husband snoring something out of this world and the damn cat whining because he wants in the window and under the blanket. I don'

  • I've been up since 745 est. I know I can't complain but I will say I woke up at 7 and fed my cats and then climbed back into bed, specifically thinking "going back to bed now since I won't have this option in a few short week"....... And then at 745 my br

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  • I've been up since 4:45 pst...my cat had no food so she likes to wake me up around then to feed her. I got up did that and then turned off the computer that DH left on as he fell asleep on the couch. I went to try and get back to sleep-no luck. After h
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  • I am so tired of not being able to sleep!! I am so tired my eyes hurt but I can't sleep... Most nights I get about 45 hours if I am lucky with a pee break or two in there as well
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