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gas drops for excessive spitting??

my little guy always seems to puke a lot after eating, especially if i can't get him to burp right away.  i've tried pulling him off every five minutes to burp, i've tried messing around with how long i nurse on each side. any other thoughts on things to try? are gas drops helpful in this situation?

Re: gas drops for excessive spitting??

  • No they are just for gas...my daugher keeps spitting up constantly now, for the first two weeks she never spat up and now its all the time...I don't think there is much you can do??? sometimes my daughter burps sometimes she doesnt, and even if she bur

  • Nope not for spitting up. My dd spits up no matter what I do. I wish I could help, but there is nothing to be done.
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  • Doctors told us to have DD sit at a minimum of a 45 degree angle for 2030 minutes after eating. We just hold her after a feeding. It has helped immensely.

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