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Friday Discussion kids and weddings

For mobile: kid and weddings.Tell me to stop being so butthurt about the ever so controversial kids and weddings topic. Sorry it tl,dr.

The backstory: BIL gets engaged at Christmas and announce a month later, via email, they are getting married in march. Actually, MIL sent a mass email to everyone asking for a headcount so they could book a venue. Wedding will be in the state where Bride's parents live so everyone is traveling to be there. And we live in a separate state with no family nearby.

So, MIL calls us excited because yay weddings and all. We're excited too and start talking about details, flights time off etc. She tells us no kids invited which includes our two, 2.5 and 9 months.

I had no kids at my wedding but there were no kids in the family or friends at the time. Before having kids, I understood that desire but didn't understand what it really meant. After kids, nbd to me. So, DH and I are a little butthurt but we wait to talk to the bride and groom before any decisions are made. We call and BIL wants DH to be best man, which he is.

Basically BIL, SIL AND MIL are all in agreement no kids because they will and I quote "take away from the bride's day". So fine, I'm sad that MIL and BIL don't want them there but it is what it is. MIL guilt tripped me by saying I needed to go and support bride and I'm rude for not going.

I opted to not go rather than hiring a baby sitter in a different state because my DD has major separation issues. I've never left her with anyone and she won't even let inlaws or my parents hold her because they are in a sense strangers to her. I mean, that's a lot of money to spend to get there and I wouldn't enjoy myself while my kid/s screamed. And by not inviting my kids, they essentially excluded me too. DH left today so I'm butthurt all over again.

FWIW, wedding is at 10am and at a garden with buffet.

So what say you, am I overly sensitive or was it a low blow?

Sorry for typos, typing with one hand!

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