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Anyone else not agree with DH about # of kids?

DH and I have two beautiful, healthy boys already, ages 2 1/2 and 7 months. I've always wanted 3 children and remember telling DH this before we had kids. I'm an only child and DH has one brother that lives on the other coast, so I feel like our family is small as it is and want my children to experience growing up with siblings. Both of my pregnancies were pretty perfect. Fortunately we conceived right away both times and I just thoroughly enjoyed it and am longing to experience it again. I feel almost selfish at times because we do already have 2 amazing kids and I'm well aware that many couples never get to have even one. DH had an appointment to get a vasectomy, but ended up cancelling it. He said he just doesn't think he can handle the pain. Anyways, I think about it daily and get emotional almost every time! He says things were made for families of 4 (restaurant booths, Disney packages, etc.), that it's an even number and on and on. I just feel like his reasons are nothing I care about. I don't care about having to pull an extra chair up to the table to accomodate an odd #...also my SUV wouldn't be large enough for 3 kids, at least while in car seats, and we'd have to get a van. That doesn't bother me! Anyone else having the same issue? I feel like we'll never be on the same page about it and really don't want to struggle with this the rest of our lives! We're best friends and usually agree on everything, except this! It's a really big deal to me!

Re: Anyone else not agree with DH about # of kids?

  • You and your DH are sort of the opposite of us. My DH wants four kids and will settle for a very minimum of three. We have one now with another due in May and I'm pretty scared at the thought of bringing a third into the world when I'm anticipating tha

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  • My DH also wants to be done after 2. Most of his reasons are financial.  We always wanted our kids close in age, and the idea of more than 2 kids in college at the same time terrifies him.  At first I agreed, but now that I am pregnant with numb
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  • We are having a similar discussion, but it is mostly around money. We will see...he s now open to discussing it. 

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  • Yup, we were pretty much in your boat. I so badly wanted more kids, he was done at 2. Our reasons are financial. Still are. We currently can't really afford another kid. DH started an Electrical Apprenticeship last year and while the pay is really basi

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    You and your DH are sort of the opposite of us. My DH wants four kids and will settle for a very minimum of three.
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  • We are finished with kids and it's not so much that we disagree with the number. DH is absolutely 100% positive 2 is all he wants. I am open to a 3rd. I wouldn't say that I want a 3rd, or that I will ever want a 3rd, it's just that if a 3rd happened I'

  • Maybe you should pause the conversation.  My DH only wanted 2, always said so.  When DD2 was 9 mo or so I brought up again that I would like to have a 3rd and he responded with the fact that he was not opposed to another.  Well, I'm preg

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