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I get SO frustrated when my baby...

...wakes up to feed, starts to feed, wrestles his body taking himself off of the nipple, crying again to eat, grunts and wrestles himself off of the nipple, eats for 5 minutes then falls asleep, doesn't burp, spits up when put down soon after, cries and wrestles his body seconds later, stares at me motionless when I put him on the breast again...

I'm already exhausted from sleeping for only an hour and a half! Why can't he just eat peacefully until full and go peacefully to sleep for 4 hours after that?!

I get so frustrated and angry and it scares me because I want to be a sweet and loving mother. Sad

I got so desperate for sleep that now my DH takes him from 8 p.m.-3 a.m. and then gives him to me and we both try to sleep. The first night it worked like a charm...then last night - nope!! I cried and cried after an hour of this fiasco.

It's hard not to take it personally and think this little baby is out to drive me crazy!

Our existing schedule is: eat/sleep according to his cues, get ready for bed around 7:30 p.m., go to sleep around 8:00 p.m., waking/feeding as he needs, then up for the day when the sun rises.

I tried this because I'm going back to work in a few days and NEED to get some sanity so that I can function and be a tolerable person but this is not working!

Please help me feel normal for feeling this way and/or give me some advice! My DS is almost 6 weeks, was born at 39 weeks, and I'm a FTM...


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Re: I get SO frustrated when my baby...

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