3rd Trimester

He is HERE!

Isaac Michael arrived on Tuesday evening. Although there have been some hiccups in the road, his dad and I are completely ecstatic! We cannot wait to take him home tomorrow afternoon!!

He is breastfeeding like a champ! For those of you afraid of breastfeeding feeling "creepy," I was right there with you! In reality, it feels so natural and is such am amazing experiance. I already know why mommies get sad to quit! DH is absolutely in aw of bfing becausehe thinks its so amazing that even after baby is born, a woman still ONLY needs her body for their survival, which is super cool when you think of it that way!!

So amazing to witness the love at first sight and instant bonding of DH and DS. Seriously on cloud 9! I will post a picture and my birth story when i get home tomorrow :

Good Luck, ladies! The end is near!! Cant believe I am a MOMMY!

Sorry about grammatical errors, bumping cdom my phone.
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