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Sleeping with the light on? Just curious.

I've noticed that DD doesn't like being in the dark. I keep a little lamp on the dresser next to my bed so I don't have to turn on the bright overhead lights at night when she wakes up but no matter how deeply asleep she is as soon as I turn the light off she starts fussing. Does anyone else's LO do this or is it just one of her little quirks? (She's 3 weeks old, btw).

Re: Sleeping with the light on? Just curious.

  • Mine will sleep with it off, but sleeps better and longer if we leave it on. Our main light is on a dimmer, so I put it on the lowest setting... Enough so there is light and I can see when he wakes up, but still low enough for H and me to sleep well.

  • That is kinda funny since i just afew minutes dida test tosee if dd would fuss if i turned off the lamp. She did. I just want to sleep inthe dark again!
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  • We have a nightlight on all the time in our room. It's a blue light, which I don't find nearly as disturbing for sleep as a regular one. Plus it's down low so it's not shining in our faces as we sleep, and I think that also makes a difference. We had one

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  • Whew! I have to admit it's a bit of a relief to know it's not just my baby. DH and I both work nights and even though I'm on leave I still keep some strange hours. I was starting to worry I had given her a bad habit.
  • Huh.  Our kiddo sleeps better by day / light on at night too.  How strange considering they just spent 9 mo in the dark!

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  • DD is in her crib now. We have one of those like pillow pet night light things that projects stars on the ceiling. It's great bc it's enough light for me to see when I go in there and she likes to look at the stars when she's awake! Gives her something to


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  • I was just going to post this exact thing.  We've been trying to figure out why she's so miserable in her crib, rnp, and even our bed at night, but as soon as we take her downstairs, she falls asleep and is fine.  Allergies?  Everything ups
  • Yes!!! In fact, I recorded our DS doing it to show the dr.! He's doing better now, but still will grunt and wrestle right the lights go out. I don't get it!
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