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SAHMs: when do you work out?

I have been doing Insanity while my 2 year old naps, but lately his naps are getting short and/or nonexistent. Today, I worked out in his basement playroom as he played nicely for 40 minutes but now I have Mommy guilt that I worked out as he played. 

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Re: SAHMs: when do you work out?

  • That is exactly what I do most of the time.  I don't think you should feel guilty at all.  It is good for LOs to self-play.  You need some time to yourself, especially if he is not napping, and he needs to get used to that.  I read

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  • I just got back from a run with my 1 y/o in the jogging stroller. My older DS is at preschool. When they are both home I use the gym daycare or we ride bikes or my older DS and I will play Just Dance! while my younger one naps. I used to do workout vid

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  • During his morning nap. It's going to suck when that nap goes away lol.

    I wouldn't feel guilty at all about working out while he was playing nicely! 40 minutes out of an entire day is perfectly fine. He was probably entertained by what you

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  • Don't feel guilty at all. I'm doing Insanity too and I workout while DD naps and DS watches tv. He loves it because he can pick out his movie/show and not have to worry about his sister fighting him over his choice. If you can't get over the guilt, you ca
  • My two year old naps a couple if days out if the week , so I workout then. He knows if he doesn't go down I'll be working out. I set him up with something to do, but he likes to watch and kind of join in. He just does squats in front of the tv I am doi
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  • I use our gym's childcare when i workout. When the weather is nice i run with the jogging stroller, and sometimes i do a dvd while DD plays in her exersaucer. She thinks it's funny to watch me : )
  • I joined a gym that has a daycare I really like. The daycare hours are really great and its no additional charge to my membership.   i like it because my daughter (18 months)gets to play with other kids or just gets a change of pace.  It tire

  • Ps...don't feel bad about working out when your kid is awake...I think it's great your child sees you being active!!!
  • Charlotte is in a preschool program at the YMCA Tues/Thurs, so I workout while she's in preschool. She also has a tumbling class there on Fridays, so I workout during that also.
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  • I run on the treadmill in the basement while my almost 3 year old naps.  My 5 yo plays computer, watches a movie or plays in the toyroom.

    It sets a good example for them to know you make yourself and exercise a priority.

  • I work out 20 mins in the morning doing a circuit training and 20 mins in the afternoon doing Zumba. My lo is in his jumperoo at this time working out too lol. Sometimes we go for a walk too but it has been cold. Also I challenge myself to do 100 of one p
  • Our gym has a wonderful childcare room and starts watching children at 3mo - 12yo

    they don't do diaper changes though, and if your BFing you will be paged.

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  • We go to a gym that has a kids club.  she loves playing with other kids and I love working out without having to worry if she will wake up
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  • I try to work out first thing in the morning, while my toddler is eating breakfast. I put my 4 month old either in his swing or on his mat with a few toys. Sometimes I cant do it in the morning because kids are not allowing it so I'll work out right befor
  • Never feel guilty about taking care of yourself!

    when they were younger, they went to the gym daycare. It was great, they loved it, I got a break and a workout.

    Now I belong to a gym without child care so I go at 6am before anyone is awake.

  • You can't have mommy guilt for doing something for your health and sanity. This is as much about your son and being an example for him as it is for you. 

    Personally, I still work out when my daughter naps, otherwise I have no qualms working

  • Since DD is only 2 weeks old I can't utilize gym daycare yet so I go at 6 am o after 7 and on weekends.  It's a pain but I get it done.
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  • Right now I go jogging with DS in the stroller.  When #2 comes, we will have a double jogger but I hope to do the bulk of my runs early in the morning before DH goes to work.
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  • Do you have a gym that you could sign up to?  That was the best decision I made once my 2nd was born.  I wast trying to fit in workouts when they napped, but they never napped at the same time, and working out while they were awake always was in
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  • I have a 23 months old ACTIVE little boy and it is a challenge to work out while he's up. I get up early in the morning to walk/jog on the treadmill for 45 minutes. Then I exercise when he's napping - usually a 30-60 minute DVD of pilates, barre or car

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