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T&Ps Needed - NBR

I took my dogs to the vet yesterday for what I thought would be their normal annual check up - trying to get everything done before the baby arrives! Well, my little Maddie girl has had a lump on her side for over a year now and I've noticed that it seems to be getting harder and slightly larger. Our previous vet took a sample of the fluid last spring and said that it was just a cyst. Our new vet decided to take another sample of it yesterday and the results came back as cancerous cells. Sad So she's now scheduled for surgery to remove the mass tomorrow and that will tell us how far it has progressed and if more testing needs to be done.

 Please keep her in your thoughts & prayers - she's the sweetest girl. She lived at the humane society for 7 months before we adopted her and she is the best dog (I know....we all say that). She's been even more attached to me lately as my bump gets bigger and LOVES kids so much. She knows which houses in our neighborhood have little kids in them and will trot up to the front doors when I walk her off her leash to see if anyone's inside to come out and play. I just can't imagine her not being around when our little girl gets here. Sad

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