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Do you keep your LO in DC even if you are home?  I've been at home on spring break all this week, and except for this morning (because I had a certification exam to take), I kept LO home with me the whole time.  He's only 15 months, so it's not like he's missing important lessons or anything :)

I do stay on DC's schedule though- snack at 9, lunch at 11, nap time from 12-2, etc, but I love the extra time with him and feel bad about him being there when I am at home.  And plus, it's so boring, lonely and quiet to be home without him.  Just wondering what other moms do. 


Re: working moms who get time off

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    I'm not sure what I would do...I work for the same company, the college ( my employer) operates the daycare center so we're on the same schedule. I imagine that I might keep her home or do a couple days there and a couple days home.


  • Like PP, I use a company daycare so we have the same days off. If I were in your situation, I would probably send DD to daycare for partial days. I would enjoy having some time to exercise, do some shopping for myself (and try things on without her freaki

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  • It depends. It is really hard to get big projects done around the house with him under foot, so I would probably keep in daycare part of the time. Especially since he loves it and we are paying for it anyway. It would depends on the weather too.
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  • I don't have a week off at a time, but if I did, I would have the girls a few days home with me and a few days at daycare. Go enjoy yourself without your baby. Go shopping, get a pedicure, have a lunch date with DH.
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  • It depends if I had vacation weeks at daycare or not.  If I had to pay for daycare regardless, they'd be going.  I would take advantage and get stuff caught up at home.


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  • If I have one day off, I usually send the kids to daycare to get a little downtown.  If I have more, I usually keep them home or try to do something fun.  This is one of the times I regret having daycare near work instead of at home because I wo
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  • jlaOKjlaOK
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    I have every Friday off and I keep DS home with me.  I am considering putting him in daycare that day too, but he is almost 3 and we have a DD coming in June.

    DH and I also have federal holidays off and we keep DS home with us on thos

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  • I do not. I only pay half price for one or two week vacations and they will hold her spot all summer long for 75 dollars, so we can use the money to pay my DH's student loans. However, if I was paying for it and she was older, yes, I would!
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  • It depends. I was home sick the past 2 days, and DS was at day care. For the occasional day off, we usually send him, but when we've got extended time off (like DH's summer vacation), he stays home. I use that time to relax, clean, do all the things that
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  • I do pay for it, but I really don't care about the money.  With only a week off, I feel like it goes by so fast and I absolutely love having him home!  We've had beautiful weather here so we've been spending a lot of time outside and made a trip

  • I'm a teacher and usually keep him home when we're off. My DCP is really flexible and has an hourly rate, so during the summer he goes 2 hours a week. Works well because I usually have coursework to finish over the summer and that gives me time to at leas
  • Well, I don't have spring break, but on holidays I getoff and their school is still in I keep him home.  It's a mommy and LO day. I try to plan fun stuff, just trips to the park or museum, and lunch out, typically we go pick up DH for lunch.
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  • If I were home for a week, I'd probably have DS home for some of the time.

    However, if I take just a day off, I'll usually send him. 

    I like having extra time w/ him, but I also like having time for me and to run errands w/o him.

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  • If I get furloughed I am sending B to DC. I'll use that time to get all our weekend chores/errands done so we can spend more time as a family on the weekends. Plus, I have to pay for her full time spot regardless.

    We've left her there a couple

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  • Usually when I take time off it's because I have an appointment for myself, or the kids (dr, parent/teacher conference etc) so I would still have our au pair watch the kids.  I don't see a reason to "drag" them with me.  If I took a day off t

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  • When I take a day off here or there, its normally to run errands or doctor's appointments or something that is specifically not kid-friendly. If I had a week off, I'm sure I'd have alot of stuff I wanted to get done, so I'd probaby still send DD to d
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  • hocushocus
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    I've very rarely been in this situation because I WAH with a nanny. My nanny is pretty much on my schedule so we don't really have this mismatch. I have asked to come in on days I'm off but it is not really what you describe.

    Personally I'd lov

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  • If DC is opened and I am off so far she has gone in, at least for some of the day. It hasn't really happened but once I think. I am off tomorrow and I plan on bringing her in but it will be a couple hours later. The only time I would take a week off is fo

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  • I do a little of both. I only keep DS home with me if I have something planned to do. If I'm trying to get the house clean, or run errands, I'd probably take him to preschool thinking he is going to get more value being there than being hauled around w

  • Between H and I, we usually have a day off every month due to bank holidays or other federal holidays, especially this time of year.  We've done both.  For MLK day, we had our nanny come watch E and we went out to lunch and a movie.  I let
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  • image iluvmylab:

    Do you keep your LO in DC even if you are home?  I've been at home on spring break all this week, and excep

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  • If I'm off the full week, we don't pay for daycare so DD is home with me.  If it's a day here and there, we pay, but she generally doesn't go.  If she does it's for an hour or two so I can go to an appointment.
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  • KL777KL777
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    I get a significant amount of time off and DS is always with me on my off days. However, he's only in pre-kindergarten. He starts kindergarten this year so I won't be able to pull him out of school on my off days.

    Oh believe me, once he sta

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  • image MirandaHobbes:
    I do a little of both. I only keep DS home with me if I have something planned to do. If I'm trying to get the house
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  • I'm off 3 days next week and the kids will be in DC. I pay regardless of their attendance. I really need some 'me' time. I will pick them up earlier than usual and not rush in the a.m's.
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  • When I just have a holiday that daycare is not closed for, I go ahead and take him to daycare and enjoy a day to myself.  If I were to have an entire week though, I'm sure I would keep him home for at least most of those days.
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  • Yes, because I use my time off for when our Montessori has their million days off. Love the school, hate all the days they are closed but we still pay for
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  • I'm a teacher, and I start spring  break next week.  DD is 3 and in preschool full time, and she will continue to go, although I will pick her up early instead of having her stay for after care when I work.  I am SO looking forward to some
  • If I had a full week off - then I would keep them home, so I could use a daycare vacation week.

    But, if I'm taking off a friday to get things done, I will take them to school and just pick them up early. I don't feel guilty sending them to

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