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Posterior cervix, baby's head far down...

Hello! I was just wondering if anyone has experienced this or knows anyone who has.

I'm 37 weeks 4 days and apparently have a cervix that is more posterior facing. The baby has been in position since last week and her head is so low and pushing down that its actually in front of the cervix. So today when the Dr went to check me for dilation because I've had some cramping, she had to go up and behind the baby's head OUCH!. Since it was so uncomfortable, she didn't give me a definite answer on how much I was dilated. She said she would check me next week and if I was dilated to 4, they would schedule an induction date.

She did say the further along I get, the more the cervix will be brought forward and will be easier to check. It was really painful today and I just wondered if anyone has had this happen to them, if it does actually get better? And if because the baby is so far down, if this would cause dilation to progress faster because she's pushing down so far? I'm clueless! Haha

On a side note, the baby is measuring 38 weeks today.
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Re: Posterior cervix, baby's head far down...

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