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When did you start to take LO in public?

My DS is two weeks old today (haven't edited my ticker).  I have had a pretty smooth recovery, and now that DH is gone back to work I feel cooped up inside.  When did you start taking your LO out for walks or to the mall/grocery store?  Am I crazy to want to get out of the house?

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Re: When did you start to take LO in public?

  • Walks right away. 

    Grocery store at 1 week. 

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  • You are not crazy at all! Around 2 weeks I wanted to get out of the house too! Unfortunately, it was too cold and snowy here for walks but I started taking DS out to run errands when he was a little over 2 weeks. I just bundled him up and kept a receiving
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  • Go when you are comfortable! For me, LO was super fussy and it actually made me more anxious to go places with him, so we've mostly stayed in. It's finally getting comfortable going out around 11 weeks. But if it hadn't been for a very fussy baby, we'd ha
  • To Target/Walmart at 2 weeks and dropping off 2 yr old at preschool every morning.  I just keep the carrier covered.  Will do family Easter at 6 weeks; I'll probably wear him...

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  • Right away,  at first LO and I would just wait in the car if it was somewhere super crowded mainly because I needed out of the house. Then about 1 week for less crowded stores and places, and week 2 for places that were super crowded. 
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  • DS was 6 days old. We made 5 stops and he was fast asleep while I had a meltdown...
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  • 3 days old. As soon as I was able to get up, get dressed and look presentable in public.
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  • I had to start taking DD2 to drop off DD1 at 4 days. She is now almost 3 weeks and has been to the grocery store twice, but I don't remember when the first time was.

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  • I only allowed visitors and didnt do outings till 4 weeks. My LO still got rsv at 3 weeks....who knows from where :( super scary to take your babe to an Er and have to get an Iv.....just be careful!  

  • I didn't wait either.  We took him to Babies R Us to get some bottles and stuff we didn't think we'd need at 2 days, I kept him covered the whole time.  Since then we've gone all sorts of places, I keep his car seat cover down while we're out as

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  • No, I totally know what you mean! We took both kids to the mall, to library story time, or out to lunch around 2w. We just baby wore or kept Dd in her car seat w a blanket on top. We started bringing her around other kids at 6w. (Play dates and introducin
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  • DD was 16 days old when we had to go to our first Christmas celebration of the year and was told by the family if we weren't there they would come find us! She slept the whole time and it was good to get out!






  • I took my baby to the mall at 15 days old yesterday. I felt a little guilty but I couldn't take being alone in the house anymore. My SO works out of town and is only with us 2 days and 3 nights a week. I hope she doesn't get sick but she did great! She sl
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  • Ive got two other kids who have preschool and other activities (swim lessons, dance classes, soccer, etc)  we couldnt miss. So my LO has been out and about since about day 4. I just keep her in her carseat (stroller) all covered up so no one can brea
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  • We took her to my in laws' to watch the Superbowl when she was only 3 days old. Everyone there was family and had already seen her anyway. I took her to the store for a few things when she was around a week old. I kept her in her car seat the whole time a
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  • I went out to eat with a friend at about 3 weeks, but haven't been out since, except sitting in the car or to family things. I'm thinking of going walking with a friend tomorrow and I might go run a few errands with her.
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  • I take him where I can. I try to avoid stores and haven't taken him to the mall. I've taken him to 2 smaller grocery stores when helping out my grandparents. DH works from home so generally one of us runs errands and one of us stays home. He's the over pr
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  • 2 months, but DD was born in Dec at 35 weeks so I was very cautious due to flu season and her being a preemie.

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  • Hey, if the weather is nice where you are, get out and about. I had DS out of the house to the grocery store within his first week and just kept a light blanket over his seat so that any germs around wouldn't reach him. ;) Getting out will save your sanit
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  • I know I will totally get the side eye here but we took LO to see santa at 10 days old, and then to dinner at chilis where DH works. 

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  • I live in south Texas so its been warm here since mid February lol. I took DD out at 4 days. We went to Walmart for formula. I felt good enough to walk around and just kept a blanket over her caraway to keep people from touching and breathing all over her
  • I started going out with m DD at 2 weeks old, I just kept her covered in the stroller so know one would be able to see her , therefore not be inticed to coming over and touching and cooing over her.
  • Leilani is 4 weeks and has been out and about since day 2. We had to take her to the pedi. We also did stores. By week 1 I had to take DS to school. We did a birthday party at 2 weeks I was pretty isolated. She did Disneyland two days ago. I can't stay in
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    We went to the pediatrician and the grocery store the day after he was discharged from the hospital- so 4 days old. I put him in the baby k'tan and no one got anywhere near him at the grocery store. I would go crazy sitting at home all day, especially wit
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