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So my baby girl is just over 9 weeks old. Today, she was sitting on the couch and fell over onto her side. When I picked her up, I put her on her tummy on the couch. All of a sudden, she rolled over onto her back! I thought it was a fool roll, so I laid her on her tummy again, and she rolled over yet again a few seconds later. Is this normal for a 9 week old baby? Or is she just that much ahead of the game? She has been holding her head up since 3 weeks, and she holds it very steady now. Plus, she loves to bounce herself on my lap when I hold her under her arms.

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  • Mine rolled at about the same time.
  • DD1 didn't roll until 3 months, but DD2 rolled at 7 weeks and has been rolling ever since. Some kiddos just gain that muscle control faster than others. I think when books and pedi's say an appropriate age for things like rolling, crawling, walking etc...
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  • It is easier to roll from front to back than back to front. My 9 week old can roll front to back on soft surfaces like our bed, but she hasn't gone the other way yet and probably won't for a while.
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  • My lo has been able to roll from side to side from his back since week 1 and trying to hold up his head/holding up his head for a few secs since week 2. We asked and the ped said he is very strong and has good muscle tone. At 5 weeks he rolled over from h
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