Flat or inverted nips?

Hello ladies! I am due with my first in two days (yikes!)  and am curious to hear the experiences of other women with flat or inverted nipples. Anyone able to get a good latch without your nips coming out? Did they end up coming out eventually? How about those shields? Are you able to pump effectively if they are flat? 


My first choice is to obviously be able to BF normally, but my ultimate goal is to get the BM to my LO. I know everyone is different and I Already have a LC. Just like to hear others stories so I know what I may be up against.


Thanks, ladies! Love having a place like this where I can get some questions answered.  

Re: Flat or inverted nips?

  • I used shields for the first two months until LO got a solid latch. After this time LO was easily able to draw out my nipple to nurse. I had zero issues with pumping. Pumping will pretty much immediately draw out your nipple. It takes a little extra w
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  • You can also use a Latch Assist or pump for a minute to draw your nipples out so baby can latch. The shield was indeed my saving grace though.
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  • I had flat nips and used a nipple shield with DS til he was 4 mo on leftie and the whole time on rightie. You'll have no issue pumping. After my first LO my nips were no longer flat. DD latched like a pro from day 1.
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  • I had inverted nipples and just pumped for a couple minutes before each feeding to get my nipples to come out.. Now I don't have to go that and they are no longer inverted...

    I have a Daughter born 2/26/2013. She is pretty much amazing!

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  • My experience wasn't great. Before I had my first, they were about as inverted as they could get and very flat. My DD had a small mouth and was not able to latch at all. We tried shields, using a pump a few mins before hand to try and pull them out, but n
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  • I had to use a nipple shield for 5 months.  It was mildly inconvenient since it had to be sterilized and often fell to the floor because I am a clutz.  And forgetting it was a PITA.  So I put one in the car and left one at my mom's house


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  • I have flat nipples and use a shield I can nurse without however she gets frustrated.. In the beginning it hurt like hell and it took me a while to find an lc that didn't think the shield was evil : I finally got an lc that said she latches with the shie
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  • hmdhmd
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    I wasn't able to get my first two to latch with or without the shield.  I tried pumping, but got mastitis both times and ended up quitting.  However, I learned something each time and really educated myself, and my third was a chunky monkey a

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  • My story is very similar to PP. My only suggestion is to try a "sandwich" latch. I found that was the only way DD would latch on the one side. You basically compress the breast and have the baby take a "bite" out of the "sandwich". Good luck!
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  • My advice...

    DS 1 experience-flat/inverted nipples.  I attempted a breast shield and it shredded my nipples to the point I gave up 3 days in.  I really regretted it, but I was hormonal and nothing could have convinced me that BF would w

  • Interesting that the shield shredded your nipple.. I'm not doubting you but its confusing to me. The shield is what saved me from shredded nipples (I know because every time I tried without it they would be shredded and raw and bleeding)
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