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Baby Registry

What is the best gift that you have received for your child? I'm working on a registry and I need to know what the must haves are!
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  • White Boppy changing pad covers. They just sit over the changing pad pretty cover. Then you just wash and switch that regularly instead of changing the actual cover.... not my best gift, but I think they are great.
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  • clizhclizh
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    I'd have to say the #1 thing I love and will always recommend is our stroller (we purchased it ourselves when M was 4months old because we HATED our travel system stroller). We have Chicco Liteway... and I would marry the thing if I could. We're going

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  • One of the jumping gym things.  My son loved the  one we got.  I could put him in it for 1-2 hours.  He was completely happy and I got the dishes and laundry done.  To bad he's too big for it now.  I'd love to get the laundry
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  • 2 in 1 Changing Table that comes with chest of drawers and top serves as changing table....loved it!
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