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Brag about your baby! :)

What are all the little genius babies up to?

My DD said "I love you" (it sounds more like "i wob wu" haha), "what's that" and "all done". All in one week :)

She also says: pretty, cheese (she asks for it for a snack) and please (new words) as well as, mama, daddy, Brody (dog's name), doggy, ducky, baby, hi, bye, uhoh. She also says "eye" and "paw" and can point them out. She can also point out the nose, belly button and boobs (don't ask) lol

She's walking like a little pro now, too!

Z knows the sounds of the following animals: dog, duck, cow, sheep, lion, snake, horse, owl

The newest thing is that she loves her potty and has told us twice now "poopoo"  and then would say "Pa". Too bad we didn't realize that she actually was saying, "I need my potty!" She did the same at my mom's and sure enough, she sat her on the potty and she pooped :) The potty was also more of an "accident" as we hadn't planned on introducing it just yet (more like at 18 months) But at my ILs she was getting a bath and I figured well there is the nephew's potty lets see what she does. I put her on, she LOVED it and 15 seconds later she peed in it. We've been putting her on the potty a few times a day since last Saturday and she goes in it at least once a day. I'm so proud of her :)


Anyway, that's all I've got for now.

Please share what your LOs can do. I love to read those! :)

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