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Urethra Issues

Sorry if TMI... I am having intermittent pain in my urethra, usually during/after urination or after prolonged sitting. It is a combination of burning and heavy pressure, plus I feel like I have to pee all the time even after just going. I called my doctor last Friday and they prescribed me antibiotics in case it was a UTI but I didn't actually get tested or speak to the doctor, just left a message with the advice nurse.

For several reasons I have not started the antibiotics yet, but I am now thinking I may not actually have a UTI. When I used a mirror to look...eek!... I saw a small reddishpurple bulge just inside my very enlarged urethral opening... Has anyone else had this? I have looked online and seen similar descriptions for urethral caruncles and urethral prolapse, but I am trying not to freak out. I had a very long labor and actively pushed for three hours, a second degree tear, and I also had a catheter after delivery to empty my bladder and am wondering if it is trauma from the prolonged pushing or catheter itself. I am going to reach out to my doctor again, just wondering if anyone had a similar experience. Thanks for any input!

Re: Urethra Issues

  • I had C section, so I didn't push, but I did have a catheter and had a lot of the same symptoms about a week PP. It turned out I had two infections, one that was harder to treat than the other. Don't freak out just yet, get into the doctor for a urine tes
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  • Sounds exactly like me, 23 hour labor 3 hours of pushing, cath. and I had a 8lb 15oz baby. I had tons of pressure about a week after, it hurt to sit on the toilet I would be at the point of tears. I went in to my midwives because I thought I might have a
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  • At almost 6w pp I'm still dealing with infections. First a kidney infection now a bladder infection. I would ask for a culture because I ended up needing a strong antibiotic to deal with the particular bacteria. Hope you feel better soon!
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    Sounds exactly like me, 23 hour labor 3 hours of pushing, cath. and I had a 8lb 15oz baby. I had tons of pressur
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  • I had that and still sometimes do 4wks pp my doctor told me to use my peri bottle while peeing, seemed to do the trick.
  • I had a lot of pressure down below last week too. I also looked with a mirror and had a similar bulge like you described. I freaked a little, because I thought I had a slight vaginal prolapse. A week later, and the pressure is gone. I would suggest talkin
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