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Freaking out a little..

Okay so baby girl has been extremely active the past week especially. She was bouncing around yesterday morning around 5 am for an hour but then I did not feel her much at all the rest of the day and last night, when I have been feeling her throughout. Then I woke up about 2 and a half hours ago and now can't sleep so I've been trying to get comfortable, in and out of bed, went to the bathroom, got a glass of water, etc. and then she started hiccuping...it's lasted about 20 min now. I've only felt her hiccup a handful of times up to this point and thought nothing of it, but tonight I was already worried because she wasn't moving like usual and now she has these hiccups and I read they can mean the cord is around her neck. Am I overreacting or should I call the doctor or something??
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Re: Freaking out a little..

  • Hiccups are a good thing. They mean baby is practicing his or her breathing. My OB says that even if the cord were wrapped around the baby's neck in the womb, it would only become a concern during delivery and it's something that can be easily dealt with.
  • You're freaking out. Hiccups are totally normal and actually a good thing. It's from the baby breathing in fluid and helps develop the lungs. My baby has hiccups almost everyday.
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  • My LO gets hiccups recently two to three times a day, my OB hasn't ever mentioned it being a problem. I was under the understanding that it's a good thing.

  • Call if it will make you feel better (that's what they're there for!), but I am SURE she is just fine!
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  • I'd try a few things first before calling. Try drinking ice cold water, and/or orange juice (or another sugary drink), and then lie down. If baby still isn't moving, I'd call in. But those two drinks ALWAYS work for me to get some kicking going :)
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  • Yup, I know they're usually a good thing that's why I haven't been worried before. It's her lack of movement plus the hiccups that had me worried..and.still no movement like normal this morning. It freaks me out because my friend had this happen minus the
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    We can't wait to meet our Blake Katherine!!
  • Did you try the ice cold drink and of juice??

    Honestly - my movements have decreased over the last week. It started last Thursday and I happened to have an appointment that day so I mentioned it. They wound up doing a non stress test - baby was

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  • The cord wrapped around the baby isn't necessarily a problem. DS1 had his cord around his torso and then again around his neck at birth and they just unwrapped him as he was coming out. It's very common for active babies to get tangled up in there.

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