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Beth Israel Mommies?

This is my first pregnancy and I'm confused/nervous with what to expect. I finally got my insurance information and was able to schedule an appt for 3/27 at Beth Israel. Not sure who my Dr is going to be yet. At that point i'll be 10 weeks.

They said the the appointment is broken into 2 parts. I'll see the DR at the appointment on 3/27 and then i'd see a nurse a week later. What do you think that means? Does the DR generally look for the heart beat or would 

I have to wait for the 2nd appointment with the nurse?  I'm going to be out of state so the 2nd appointment is really 2 weeks after the 1st. I'm just so anxious! We told both of our parents the good news last night but I would like some piece of mind and to spread the news to my other family members. 
Curious is anyone who has had their 1st appointment there or delivered there before remembers what was done at the 1st appointment.  

Re: Beth Israel Mommies?

  • At the nurse visit they will give you a Beth Israel orientation packet and they will do genetic screening tests that your OB does not need to be present for.  You will get the results of the genetic testing on the next visit after that.  At 10 weeks they will probably give you an ultrasound at that location, but it may or may not be too early to hear a heartbeat.  If you are going to the Union Sq. office, the OBs are all very nice.  We chose Dr. Matamala, who is a sweetheart, but we had also seen two of the other doctors and they are all great.
  • Congrats!My situation was a bit different. My OB/GYN is with BI and I always see her in her office as well as the nurse. But I've had my first 2 ultrasounds at BI as well as the Genetic testing. Dr Stein, who's the head of that department will likely meet you when you go for the genetic testing.

    Otherwise, I think you'll be going to your OB/Gyn's office on a regular basis. 

  • I delivered at Beth Israel almost 3yrs ago. Happy to answer any questions. Expecting 2 now! So will be going back there soon!
  • apoof-

    How was your delivery experience at Beth Isreal and who was your doctor?

  • Sorry about the month delay in replying!

    I had a great experience at Beth Israel. I had a scheduled c-section and the staff was fantastic. Very accomodating.  I got a private room (highly reccomend) and it was clean AND spacious.

     My doctor was Dr. Cristina Senor - her office is in the UES. I can chat with you about her via pm if you want.

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