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Next Solid Food...

Trying to decide what solid to introduce next. I make my own food for DD.

We started at 6 months with avocado and my DD loved it but after several days I found it made her eczema a lot worse so we've stopped giving that to her for now.This was discouraging since I know avocado is loaded with benefits. Has anyone else had their LO react in any negative way to avocado?? This was really a surprise to me because on top of being a power food I thought avocado was supposed to be one of the safest to introduce first.

We introduced sweet potato and she loves it also and she has tolerated it great for a couple weeks! Since we've put avocado on hold for now, I'd like another green veggie to start.

Ideas? What foods have you given you LO? Successes? Any foods that you've found you LO didn't tolderate/had sensitivity to? Are you making your own food? If so, what did you find easy to make?

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Re: Next Solid Food...

  • DD has had reactions to avocado through my breastmilk, so I've never actually given it to her.  She has had reactions to prunes, so we're holding off on anything else with a pit.

    I haven't made her food, I just buy the organic baby food pouches, or give her pieces of food a la BLW.  I've given DD sweet potato, banana, pear, apple, blueberries, potato, clementine, chicken, stewed beef, peas, carrots, and squash (multiple types).

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  • Good green veggies would be peas or green beans.
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