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How did you know.

Baby is 4 mo. He is up almost every hour at night in obvious discomfort. Always cries after nursing and has always had green poo except for a handful of times. How did you confirm your child's food allergies? My pedi thinks its no big deal since there has f been obvious blood in stool. Thanks!

Re: How did you know.

  • My son was officially diagnosed at 5 mos with an allergy to milk, soy & cats. At 3 mos old, he became constipated and VERY gassy so, the dr thought it was the iron in the formula (I was bf-ing and supplementing) so, we switched to Good Start w/less iron then he got diarrhea so, we switched to soy then he developed eczema and acid reflux. At that point, the dr gave us a referral to an allergist and a dermatologist. He was also switched to Neocate formula and stopped bf.

    At 1 yr, he tested positive for milk, soy, oat, tree nuts, peanuts, & coconut. At 2 yrs he tested positive for the above plus mustard. He goes to the allergist every year to be tested. But, now that his food allergies are under control and known, he has no acid reflux, no extra gas (other than a typical, and minimal eczema.  He is still on Neocate Jr. since 1 yr. He is tall but skinny so, I would rather him stay on the Neocate than switch to rice or other safe "milk" which has a lot less fat and calories which he needs. 

     Good luck! 

  • Discovered milk allergy at 8 wks due to blood in the stool. It was once she started getting formula. Around 8 mos we did blood test and found peanut, egg, cat & dog. At 2 yrs blood test showed the above plus walnuts. Will be doing the 3 year test soon and hoping to subtract instead of add this time. 
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