Baby Wearing After CS

Hi All - 

Anyone baby wear after their c section?  I really want to start but am not sure when I can or how I should go about it...I am still tender to the touch if I press down between belly button and scar...pretty much where a lot of carriers sit.

I have a boba wrap (like a moby) and ergo and am 4 weeks pp today.

Thanks for any advice on this! 

We are so thankful that our second daughter, Lillian Elizabeth "Lily", was born healthy and happy on February 11, 2013.  We love her to pieces.  

We lost our first daughter, Hannah Grace on May 4, 2011.  She was buried on May 14 during a beautiful service at my home church. We are grateful that if she could not be here with us, that she is healed and whole with the Lord. We look forward to the day when we will get to meet her. We love her so much.

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