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2+ Mom's: Does bedtime stay the same?

Our LO has consistently been going to bed at 7pm. He's done/tired/gets cranky/thumb in mouth. It's great for some reasons, but we also have to be home/stay inside so soon in the day it feels like! Will LO start to want to be up a little later...maybe over a year old? Just curious if it changes as it goes or they usually keep the same body clock?
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Re: 2+ Mom's: Does bedtime stay the same?

  • My DD kept her 7pm bedtime until past 2yo.  We started pushing it back 15min a week to see how she would do - we settled in at 8pm around 2y2m.

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  • My oldest is going to bed now between 7:30-8:00. My youngest is usually in bed or asleep by 7:30 too. Normally things start to change around 2ish.



  • My oldest still needs to be in bed before 7.  Right after DD2 was born she was going to bed between 7:30-8 but then we started having issues.  She was getting overtired and waking up after a cycle and chatting in her bed for hours.  After we started putting her to bed by 7 this has stopped and naps have gotten easier.  I try to follow an 80% consistency model  As long as they are in bed by 7 80% of the time we're doing good.  This allows us to stay out a little late every once in a while.  Occasionally we'll keep the girls out as late as 9 and they seem to do find as long as it's rarely.  You don't have to ALWAYS have the kids in bed by 7.  They can be a bit flexible.
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