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Sleep Training

Did you sleep train your baby? If so what did you do? I'm having a hard time deciding if we should let her CIO or not. 

Re: Sleep Training

  • We did, because she wasn't sleeping well, and because we were exhausted. We used the SleepEasy Solution, and it worked well for us.  Took about four days to really click for DD, but now she sleeps like a champ.
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  • We did sleep easy solution at 6 months. She did great only took a couple days. I just did night time though not naps. Which if you can i recommend. I just couldn't with work.

     I like sleep easy because it felt supportive and understood. She still has off nights every now and then if she is sick or teething but she always goes to sleep at night on her own and except for off nights she sleeps almost 10-10.5 hours.



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  • We did Ferber with both girls and had great results. I say, read up and decide which method works for you. And, don't be afraid to modify it to fit your and your baby's needs.
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  • I was so against CIO in the beginning. But I started to do more research on it after I had a read a few CIO trial results that pretty much shattered my own reasoning for being against it. 

    After reading up as much as I could on it, and fully understanding that if I started the CIO sleep training, we HAD to stick with it because otherwise it can totally just make everything worse. (Example: if you put LO down in crib, they cry, you rush back in, they think that all they have to do is cry for you to come get them....or cry for so long til you come back).

    The first night was the absolute hardest and I was so upset with myself and cursed the stupid CIO method!! My heart hurt so much listening to my precious baby cry for me for what seemed like hours (maybe only 5min) lol.

    But each night got easier and easier. and he only really cried hard that first night. and he sleeps so much better (not sure I do...i miss my cuddle bug! lol)

    Advice, if you decide to do the CIO method:

    1. Have a plan. After you lay him down, keep yourself busy because it is hard.

    2. Have support. You probably will feel awful---I know I did. But when I see him sleeping so soundly and sleeping for 12 hrs, I know he needs that sleep and he's happier.

    3. Stick to it! It does get better!

    4. Make a bedtime routine. (Ex. we sit at the table and blw snack around 8pm, then it's straight to the bathtub, then I put on this soft musical thing that he loves, and then it's bottle at 9 and we rock and I sing him Jesus loves me, then we go to the crib and say a little prayer, kiss goodnight, and into the crib he goes) It's just the consistency that teaches them and their bodies when to be tired.

    Sorry this got so long...but we're maybe 2 weeks into the CIO now, and it's absolutely amazing how well he does. I'm so proud of myself and him. He took to it like a champ. If you have any other questions, I'd be more than happy to help! Good luck mama!!

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  • Thanks for all the advice ladies! I really appreciate it : ) 

    Time to do some research.  

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