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Working full time?

Is anyone on here working fulltime? I work 85 MonFri as a legal assistant and I an exhausted. Cleaning gets done on weekends and forget about the ex life : What do you do to help being sooo tired at work? Ive been eating healthier, I sleep alot...

Re: Working full time?

  • When I was working I would exercise in the morning and try and do one house chore everyday before work. Getting up and moving earlier helped my motivation for the day. If you used to have caffeine and have cut it out - can you trick your system into thinking you are still getting it? I used to have a Dt Dew every afternoon, so I switched to the caffeine free version and my system still thinks it's getting a pick me up!
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  • I take walks, listen to loud music, eat healthy, try to get lots of sleep, etc. I have a cup of coffee in the morning and drink lots of water through the day. Honestly, I stay awake because I have no choice. I think staying active and chasing my 2 year old helps a lot. I remember being a lot more tired the first time when I would go to work and then lay on the couch all night. 
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    I work 9 to 5 with several evening meetings per month, and plan on continuing to do so until I pop. A lot of ladies on the board still work full time, and many work more than that!

    I think you've made a good step in eatin healthy. Unfortunately, I'm starting to feel like nothing is going to completely prevent being exhausted at this point. Unless you're getting a great night's sleep, it is really tough! Personally, I feel even worse if I take a nap when I get home or sleep all weekend. It throws my precarious [read: nearly nonexistent] sleep balance off!

    I also tend to feel more tired in the afternoons if I'm dehydrated, so make sure you're drinking enough!

    Good luck...not much longer to go!
  • I luckily get a small second wind when I get home so just like the pp I make sure to do one chore a night and take the dogs for a short walk. Also I will some times indulge in a half a cup of coffee or a coke mid afternoon if I'm really dragging. 

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  • I work full time, and am out of the house for commuting/work from 6am to 5:30pm every weekday.

    I drink a small cup of coffee in the morning, and try to get a least a short walk in during my lunch break to get the blood moving.  Lots of water too.

    I also sleep on the bus in the morning and now in the evening too, I hope I am not snoring!

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  • I work about 50 hours a week. My focus is gone, and I'm exhausted. My one piece of advice is to give yourself a break. I always start the week with the best of intentions - work out a few times, get these errands done, etc. And most of the time, my to-do list (at work, and at home) just doesn't happen. I figure I'm doing the best I can, and if I need to rest, I rest (mentally and physically). I also make a point to get to my yoga class every week, just so that I remember to... well... breathe :) It's not ideal, but it's what I need to do for now. Hang in there! 
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  • I work two 12 hour shifts and a 16 hour shift, I work Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. I may be home during the week but not very much gets done around the house. Other than the little picking up I can get done throughout the day. Its hard to clean with 2 kids running around making a mess where I just cleaned up.
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  • I work 6 AM to 3 PM 5 days a week and manage a restaurant 3 nights a week still (moving down to just one night next week!). It is getting pretty tough to be on my feet alllllll day, I am noticing my calves being a little swollen at the end of the day. I drink a cup of half decaf/half caf coffee every morning and a TON of water! I fill my 16 oz cup about 8 times throughout my shift. Also make sure you're eating energy rich snacks throughout the day to help. DON'T NAP! Like a PP said, I really think it throws off your whole sleep schedule when you do that. Just stay active throughout the day, snack, stay hydrated, and go to bed early! Try and get as much sleep as possible!
  • I work full time.  I'm a little tired but not nodding off at my desk like I was in 1st tri.  I do have a caffeinated soda a lunch now, which I didn't at the beginning.  Maybe that's the difference. 

    Now, when I get home, that's a whole other kettle of fish.  I don't feel like doing squat once I walk through the door, but I force myself to do one thing before I plunk my butt on the sofa.

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  • Many of us here work full time.  It's an adjustment, but I keep myself on track (with life) by writing things down.  It helps set my expectations for the day/week and I feel accomplished by crossing things off.  Even if i don't get to my tasks on the exact day they're scheduled, I'll never fall too far behind because I wrote them down and can look back in my planner and see what didn't get done.

    I find when i don't do this,  everything seems to compound since I'm a bit scatterbrained at this point.

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  • I'm working longer harder hours right now because it's getting closer to my maternity leave and I'm panicking about getting everything done. When I get home I always need a break before jumping into anything else. So I rest and play with the dogs and watch the Ellen Show for an hour when I get home, then I start dinner and tidy up.

    I haven't been very good about accomplishing major tasks during the week. DH is picking up a lot of the slack with laundry (the stairs to the basement with heavy loads of clothes, the bending and sorting, etc. are pretty daunting to me).

    We try to make up for it on the weekends but I've definitely fallen behind on house work. I only sweep the floors once a week now instead of daily, I dust every 2 weeks or so instead of weekly, etc. It's just something I've learned to accept.  I figure it's going to be like this when I have the kid anyway and am working full time!

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  • I work full time. I do find myself getting more tired at the end of the workday and in the evenings. I go to bed earlier (always asleep by 10 PM).  I try to drink a lot of water, eat frequently throughout the day and I walk around my office to get some energy when I've been sitting for a long time.
  • I exercise during my lunch hour and that usually keeps me awake until 3. Then I start to get really tired. I try to walk around my office and talk to some co workers or just go outside for a few minutes to get some fresh air.

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  • I work the same schedule as you and plan to until the day I give birth. I have one cup of coffee each day and I try to wait as long as possible to drink it so that the caffeine carries me through the afternoon.
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  • I do get tired during the day, but I usually get a second wind after I get home. My work is kinda quiet right now, so that certainly doesn't help any. Exercising in the morning actually makes me more tired! 

    I usually try to make a to do list for the week of things I want to get done. That way, I have all week to do things, so if I'm feeling really tired one day, I'll just veg out and then work on things the next day - and if I get a lot of energy, say on the weekends, then I can get a bunch done at once.  

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  • until 4/19 i'm working mon-fri 9-5.

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    I'm currently working full time and plan to until I give birth. I sit at a desk most of the day but try to get up and walk around at least every couple of hours. When I get home I try my best to stay off the couch because once I go down, little else is going on for the night. Also, now that the weather is warming up I plan to take my dogs out every night after work for a short walk- maybe 30 minutes or so that way I'm getting some exercise in. I zumba on the xbox or in a class-with low impact modification and do yoga a couple of times of week.
  • I work 7ish to 615 every day and I am definitely exhausted. I've stepped down from my other commitments (tutoring, singing in my church choir, etc) so that I can focus on work with the little energy that I seem to have anymore. I've found that keeping lots of to-do lists and having good workday routines keeps me focused and on task, otherwise my brain wanders and I don't get as much done as I'd like. Drink lots of water, the days I don't, I pay for it in backaches and Braxton Hicks all night. 
  • Yes. I work FT as  a business analyst, same routine but sometimes more thn 40 hours because we are in the middle of a large project rollout. I still spend a lot of time cooking and cleaning (DH really doesn't do those things). I have a toddler. I'm tired. I just stopped going to Zumba last week cuz I'm so tired.

     You're not alone.

     But sadly the fatigue gets way worse after baby arrives! 


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