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XP: Has anyone had a natural birth with a 10lb baby?

Hey ladies, 
I was wondering if anyone went natural with a 10lb baby, or anything close to that? We aren't sure of our baby's size, but I feel like she's huge and wanted to attempt a natural birth. Any advice?

Re: XP: Has anyone had a natural birth with a 10lb baby?

  • Not sure if you mean vaginal delivery or med free delivery by natural..

    My brother was 10.5lbs and 22.5 inches at birth, and my step mom delivered him vaginally with minimal tearing.


  • I had a vaginal birth with a 10 lber. but I did have an epidural.  I'm not flucking nuts.

  • My sil had a a 10lb 6.5 oz baby vaginally but did have an epi.  They were expecting her to be 8lbs well they were wrong!

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  • My mom did. It was her third tho, she had a home birth with my little brother back in 1985. It was not her most difficult birth, but she was surprised by the size of his head even after two (albeit smaller, but not much smaller) babies.

    The size of the baby has less to do with the ease of the birth than the position of the baby. Maybe you should follow spinning babies or do the miles circuit throughout the rest of your pregnancy to ensure that baby is in the right position for birth.

    If this is your first, you may need to have and episiotomy, but you do not have to have a pain management drug or a c/s just because you have a large baby.

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  • http://bc.ctvnews.ca/b-c-family-welcomes-very-big-bundle-of-joy-1.570480

    Drug free delivery of 13 lb 13.5 oz baby, this was my hometown so I remembered the article  

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  • I was a 10lb 12 oz baby delivered naturally in 1973. My mom did have an episiotomy.

    My OB and I were sure my DD was going to be a 10 pounder but she turned out to b 8lb 15 ozs. I too had an episiotomy and they helped her come out with the aid of a vacuum pump but she and I were none the worse for wear after her natural delivery..

    As PPs have said, baby size isn't the big part of it, it is position. Have faith in your body and you'll be amazed at what it is capable of. I have tiny friends who have delivered 10+ pounders naturally.

    And you know what? It's not the end of the world if for whatever reason you can't and need a C section. Thank goodness for medical technology which can help mom and baby survive life-threatening situations.

  • my mom had a vaginal delivery with my 10 lbs brother, but she had an epidural. she doesnt believe in med free births.. so, theres that...
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  • My best friend was almost 12 lbs and her mother delivered her vaginally without a single pain med....
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  • My brothers were 10 and 11 lbs each, and my mother had med free vaginal births with both. She labored for about 12 hours with each and pushed for about 20 minutes. She was fine after. I am a twin and my sister and I were both over 9lbs, and she had to have a c-section because of other medical issues. My mother is the reason why I am not afraid at all about the size of my baby! I am pretty sure if she was giving birth today they would have told her that it would be impossible to have my brothers the way she did, but that was not the case. Don't feel bullied into a choice just because of size.
  • My SIL had both a 10 and an 11 pound baby. With the last one, when she asked for pain relief, she was too close to pushing so she went pain-med free. She was induced at about 42 weeks both times.
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  • People do it all the time.  The baby always feels huge to you, but could only be about 7lbs and there is no accurate way for the doctor's to tell.

    Remember the problem with delivering a baby would be due to head circumference not the weight of the baby.  If your baby is 10lbs with a normal sized head it is not going to be more difficult or painful than if the baby is 7lbs because it will just be extra fat that squeezes through like everything else.

    This is why growth ultrasounds for regular pregnancies are pointless.  There is like a 1% chance your body will grow a baby that you cannot birth and in nature you were meant to birth without pain meds so plan on it working out in your favor.

    You can do it, good luck!! 

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  • My daughter was ten pounds 1 ounce and came verrrry fast. From my first contraction to her arrival was only three hours and when I got to the hospital I was 8 cm dilated and had no chance for drugs or an epidural. So I delivered her vaginally and naturally.I tore pretty badly though.  I'm due in a week and praying this one is smaller and that I have a longer delivery so that I have time for an epidural!  It was by far the most painful dreadful experience of my whole entire life.  As anxious as I am to have my baby, I am dreading going into labor for fear of experiencing this again!
  • My SIL did. 10 lb plus some ounces and went all natural. She said it was tough but she didn't seem to be traumatized. She's not big either, she was a size 4 pre pregnancy.
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  • I was a 9lbs 10oz baby and my mom had a med-free vaginal birth with me. She's a very small 4'11 woman.
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  • Why do you feel like the baby is huge? I have a friend who has had a couple of med-free deliveries with 9+ lb. babies. I had DS med-free and he was 8 lbs. 1 oz. FWIW he was measuring large, just like this current baby is too and was still nowhere near 10 lbs. :)
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  • A friend of mine had her baby last week.  He was 11 lbs 7 oz.  She did it vaginally, med free at a birth center with a midwife.  Her entire labor lasted 4 hours.
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  • I wouldn't worry about it, especially since the only reason for thinking you have a 10 pounder is because you "feel like" the baby is huge.  The size of the baby's head matters more than pounds anyway, but even so.  My baby was only 7 pounds 10 oz, but her head was in the 100th percentile at every appointment except the last one (at 21 months she's finally down to 97th!), and I delivered her vaginally, med-free, no tearing.  Not that you can expect that kind of thing, but it's just not something you can control so there's no sense getting worked up about it.
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  • My sister had a vaginal birth with an almost 10 lb baby. And my husband's cousin had a natural, med-free birth with a 10 lb baby.

    You won't know how big your baby is until she is born. They can estimate ahead of time, but they're usually wrong (and can be WAY off) so it's not something worth worrying about now. If you want to attempt a natural birth, than do it! The size of the baby isn't really a factor. 


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  • My friend has four kids and they were all between 9.5lbs and 10.5lbs. Why do you think your baby is huge? I think at the end it's normal to feel enormous and thus, think your baby is enormous but unless an ultrasound has confirmed your baby's size, there's no way for you to tell.
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  • My first was 9lbs 11oz and my second was 10lbs on the dot.  My third was my smallest baby at 8 lbs 8oz.  All three were born at home.  My second son came down facing the wrong way, causing my tailbone to break, as well as a small vaginal hernia.  All that being said, my smallest baby was the hardest to deliver.  I'm 5ft 3in.  
  • I would be more concerned with head size and shoulder span of the baby than weight. I believe that both of those points tend to be sticking points for vaginal births.
  • There was a woman at the hospital who gave birth the same day DD2 was born. She had an 11-pounder and she delivered him vaginally. With no tearing. I was very impressed.
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